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Super Casino : Casino Comparator and Guide

Comprehensive Guide for Super casino

13wins is a comprehensive guide for players to locate the right online casino for them. Read Super casino review and rate your favourite casinos. Players are able to find and compare any casino for their customer services, bonus and promotions they offer, casino software they use, the speed of their site, graphical interface etc. Here at 13Wins we also offer a dedicated gambling guide for users can find the rules, tips and tricks to be used for while playing at that particular supercasino sites. Gain from the up to date casino news and promotions offered at many super casino United Kingdom has. New players can find information about the best welcome bonus promotion on going to attract players at various online casino sites with details including wagering and bet requirements. This allows new players to understand how the welcome bonus works, which is the best offer available online, where he can gain the most and decide to join the operator which benefits the most.

Supercasino bonus code and offers

We also bring you the latest and exclusive bonus offers from many well-known casinos to offer you most value for your money. In our casino bonus section, Users can find great offers like pounds free, no deposit welcome bonus to try many of the well-known casino operators, up to 400% bonus for their first deposit and bonus for second and third deposit as well. Some of the casino also offers monthly bonus for the first deposit made in each month. Super casino review section enables users to know the fact about casino beforehand where they might decide to play and learn if it suits them or not. Reading the review and fact could help you know the pay-out rate for casino and the quality of customer services you should look for. There are also customer care details given for each of the casinos in the review of that particular site, which would help in case the player has any query and need to contact the operator.

In most cases any of the supercasino you like to play at, would have option to play on go with their mobile application dedicated to the OS of you mobile or tablet device. Players can also play live games with real live croupier at the roulette and blackjack tables. The mobile applications offers excellent playing experience streamed directly on your mobile devices. It’s also very easy to start playing with mobile application, just need to follow simple steps mentioned below:

  • Fill up the form on super casino website
  • There will be an SMS sent on your mobile device with a link
  • Using the link download the application
  • Follow the steps after downloading the application and you are ready to play.

Some of the famous super online casino also run a program on TV channels showing live games being played on TV. Due to the rules, regulations and avoid children seeing this shows, it’s normally gets broadcasted at night time generally after 9 p.m. Players can play the games live and see it on their television at the same time. All the games are played in live time with real life croupier asking players to place their bets and announcing results. There are certain specific games which are available through TV which includes different types of roulette and in some cases blackjack games. For example is the first provider of live entertainment over TV for casino games in UK. It offers the roulette game live on tv channel 5 and on sky channel 866 also available to be played via Freesat or Freeview. The game is played with the standard European Roulette Rules.

13Wins also has game category sections with full detailed explanation about the game types normally found in any supercasino, rules and history of the game. We also try and list the most famous games in each type, provide review of games with details including how to play it, max pay out amount, type bets that can be placed, game features and game environment. This will help players to make decision on which games they should give a try in order to enjoy the most.

In UK, Super casino or in other words we can say regional casino or mega casino is the largest casino kind allowed by regulations and legislation, which is more or less the same size to grand casinos in Las Vegas. Gambling commission is the one which regulates and keeps an eye on the gambling activities and organizations in UK, they work under Gambling Act 2005 on Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sports behalf. The 2005 Act for gambling extremely updated the gambling laws in UK mainly in areas like “protection for children” and also for “growing online gaming sector”. It looked over and modified many regulations specifically related to gaming in England which resulted in controversies. Formation for many “destinations casinos” (usually mentioned as ‘super casinos’) were the most controversial provision. There were eight super casinos proposed by the initial draft of Act, however increased concerns from national media, religious and anti-addiction groups resulted to the permission of single super casino along with eight large and eight small sized casinos which has lower jackpots.
Casino Types Definition:

  • Super Casino: is the one which has customer area of at least 5000 sq. meter and maximum 1250 slot machines with unlimited jackpots.
  • Large Casino: is the one which has customer area of at least 1000 sq. meter and up to 150 slot machines with jackpot up to £4K max.
  • Small Casino: is the one which has customer area of at least 750 sq. meter and up to 80 slots with jackpot up to £4K max.
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