94% Of UK Gamblers Aware Of Responsible Gambling Tools: BonusFinder.com Report

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Major Highlights

  • 94% of UK gamblers aware of responsible gambling tools while playing Bingo and Casino games.
  • The UKGC stated that many people stayed at home during the lockdown period. A few other gamblers were engaged in forms of gambling and spend more time and money.
  • 31% of the players gambled more in the lockdown period, and 28% gambled as they use to play under normal circumstances.

BonusFinder.com’s research report studied nearly 500 online casinos in the UK to find the status of gambling done during the lockdown period. The research was conducted even when 94% of the UK Gamblers were aware of the responsible gambling tools. These players were mindful of the availability of gambling tools from March to June.

Responsible Gambling tools include limits on deposit and session times, self-exclusion options, taking a break from the gambling, and getting information on the status of profit and loss while gambling. The survey of people over the age of 45 years revealed that they were unknown of the presence of responsible gambling tools as compared to the younger generation. Moreover, only 3% of players between the ages of 18 years to 24 years were unaware of the Responsible Gambling tools.

Another research report by BonusFinder.com suggested that 66% of the male players were aware of the presence of deposit limit tools as compared to 61% of female players. Even 44% of women were aware of the time-out tools as compared to 54% of men. But, for session limits, 46% of male players acknowledged it in comparison to 52% of female players.

Industry Research Finder Reports

According to Managing Director of BonusFinder.com Fintan Costello, “Our research report highlights that Responsible Gambling tools were on top of the mind of the UK players. This report came into the light even when gamblers were confined to their homes as per the government guidelines.”

He further added, “As UK is emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen that the gambling has risen but to a lesser extent. It was not expected, but as this is a crucial period, so players are provided with significant RG tools to play across many regulated brands.”

In another statement issued by BonusFinder.com, it was stated, “The gambling industry is taking a great deal for protecting players, and this is high-time the brands need to focus on it. Moreover, gambling operators will continue to educate and normalize the responsible gambling tools across all ages. It is necessary to improve and increase awareness and educate younger adults about responsible gambling.”

The reason to introduce responsible gambling tools by Bingo and Casino sites was necessary since the country was under complete lockdown. As online gambling sites were providing the gambling opportunity during this pandemic hour, so it became necessary to introduce the RG tools by the UK Gambling brands.

Mr. Costello, the Managing Director of BonusFinder.com, stated that the majority of the gambling brands in the industry are aware of a wide variety of responsible gambling tools. The reason being, these tools are made available through licensed gambling brands.

But, the Gambling Brands based in the UK got appreciated for their move for introducing “responsible gambling tools” for the UK players. This is to protect gamblers against gambling addiction and abuse. These tools prove helpful for curbing the menace among the players, especially the younger generation. Moreover, complete education and awareness of gambling tools will help the players to safeguard their hard-earned money.

Lockdown Report on Betting and Gambling Activities

BonusFinder.com found out through its survey about 94% of players who were aware of the presence of RG tools on the gambling sites. Even many male and female players were aware of the distinct features of this tool too.

The BonusFinder.com surveyed after the UK gambling watchdog informed that during the lockdown in the country, the gambling activities had not seen a significant upsurge. Even the land-based casinos were shut down in the country in the wake of the Coronavirus since March 20, 2020. It was assessed that this might increase the gambling activities manifold, but the research finder saw mixed results from the survey.

Even a research report by one of the surveyor YouGov finds out that in the mid-week of April 2020, only 0.20% of the respondents stated that they have wagered for the first time during the lockdown.  On the other hand, most adult bettors nearly 2% of them responded that they have quit betting altogether during the stay at home while the country was observing full lockdown.

The respondents are of the view that the availability of responsible gambling tools has made the gamblers aware of the addiction to betting. So, the limits imposed through this tool on deposits, time, wagering, etc. have made adults and the younger generation to get away from the excess form of gambling activities.

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