The 13 best Steam Generator Irons of 2020 UK

Annoyed by the creases in your clothes despite using your steam iron? Wrinkle-free results can be achieved effortlessly with a steam ironing station, it provides a combination of heat, steam and pressure which can ensures you a wrinkle-free laundry in no time at all.

Which steam generator Irons are the best in comparison?

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Top Best selling Steam Iron Stations

How to Choose the Right Steam Generator Iron Station

The one who depends on ironed clothes for every day profession or who needs to cope with the ironing of a large family, benefits from the advantages of a steam ironing station. The steam is generated in the iorning station and not in the handle like normal steam iron.It comes with a separate water tank, so it is easy to iron for several hours without a break.


Using the high steam output, it copes with solid fabrics or even several textile layers effortlessly, which results in reduced working time and effort. Ironing becomes more convenient with help of its additional features such as automatic temperature setting, anti-limescale system and the fuctionality of vertical steam.

Steam and Pressure against wrinkles

Ironing is one of the most unpopular household task which can hardly be avoided by anyone who works or has a family. In a household with family of several people, working through the pile of weekly laundry can easily becomes tiring and frustrating. Ironing with steam is the most effective, as steam penetrates deep into the fabric and ensures that fabrics can more easily be unwrinkled. Ironing your clothes with steam, will remove wrinkles faster, which is also gentle on the fibers. However, particularly stubborn creases can only be removed after great difficulty even with a steam iron. 

What is a Steam Generator Iron?

Steam ironing station, a result of further development of classic steam irons, is the best remedy for removing wrinkles from clothing: With the steam ironing station, you can handle even large pile of unironed laundry without interrupting to refill the water. Using high pressure larger amount of steam can penetrates deeper and removes even stubborn wrinkles. Basically, it is a valuable aid for every household but, families or professionals whose work requires ironed blouses, shirts and suits on a daily basis benefit more from it. The more ironing you have to do, the more worthwhile it is to buy one.

It is more than just Hot steam

The steam ironing station has two main parts: the ironing station itself (the steam generator) and the handle i.e. a  steam iron connected to it. There are two different versions of steam generator available in the market. In the first variant, the pressure boiler and water tank is the same. The steam is not generated in the boiler, but on the soleplate; so it only arises at higher temperatures. Which makes it possible to iron at low temperatures, but users would have to leave behind the actual advantages of steam ironing. Also when you want to refill water, you will have to wait for the device to cool down in order to not burn your fingers when opening the tank.


In the second version, the water tank and boiler are installed separately, which is more practical. In the case of a steam ironing station with a pressure boiler, the steam is generated and stored in the boiler. When the maximum pressure is reached, the iron is ready to start. The temperature and the amount of steam are independent of each other, so even if the iron is operating at a low temperature, a large amount of steam can come out. This gently smooths heat-sensitive synthetic and mixed fabrics or silk textiles. Also it has an advantage that users can add water at any time during operation.

How it can be a Life saver for a bigger household

Thought the Steam ironing stations have higher prices, they are clearly superior to normal steam irons. The greatest advantage they have is that they come with separate water tank and the iron. The water tank, which heats the water up to 140 degrees and directs it to the iron as hot steam via the hose, is not located in the actual iron, but in the ironing station, unlike a normal steam iron. The generated water vapor then exits the soleplate via the outlet holes at a pressure of up to five bar. With the classic steam iron, the steam is generated directly in the iron without pressure, and is only created at high temperatures.

What are the advantages of a steam generator iron?

A steam generator iron generates around three times the amount of steam. With the help of the high pressure, the steam penetrates deep into the fabric and effortlessly smooths even thick and heavily wrinkled fabrics. The fibers swell up and can be brought into shape more easily, whether it is bed linen, curtains or jackets. A normal steam iron only moistens the ironing surface superficially. While re-ironing is often necessary here, an ironing station only requires one pass over the fabric. Since the steam reaches several layers thanks to the high pressure, it is even possible to smooth several layers of laundry at the same time with an ironing station saving a lot of time. The steam nozzles of a steam ironing station are only distributed in the front part of the soleplate, which means that they first evenly moisten the fabric with steam before it fixes the hot back of the soleplate.


If you are thinking about purchasing a steam ironing station, you have to take into account that the set-up requires more space than a normal steam iron. Due to the size of the water container with a capacity of up to two liters , it is easily possible to iron for two hours at a time without having to refill water. So more laundry can be ironed in less time than is the case with a conventional iron. With these, the ironing process has to be continuously interrupted by filling the water tank. Since the water tank of steam ironing stations is not on the handle, the weight is reduced by half.



Ironing made easy: the most important purchase criteria

Steam ironing stations have many features that make ironing easier. The differences between the models start with the weight and extend to the material of the soleplate. Depending on the volume of laundry and budget, factors such as the volume of the water tank, the power and the steam pressure must also be taken into account. To make the purchase decision easier for you, we present the most important criteria.

Size and weight: iron without getting tired

The size is especially important when you are not using the device and the space in your own apartment is limited. Steam iron stations generally require more space than normal steam irons. However, the iron itself should be as light as possible to allow comfortable ironing. The lack of a water tank makes it much lighter and more manageable. While an ordinary steam iron usually weighs between 1.4 and 2 kilograms, the weight of the handle of an ironing station is ideally between 0.8 and 1.3 kilograms. The difference in weight is particularly noticeable with longer ironing units. While stations with a pressure boiler weigh around five to seven kilograms in total, the lighter stations without a pressure boiler only weigh around three kilograms. However, the total weight is only relevant if you have to move the station more often. In this case you benefit from a lighter and more compact steam generator iron.

The capacity: higher tank volume for more convenience

How much laundry you can do with one load depends on the capacity of the water tank. The larger the tank, the less often you need to top up with water. A larger water tank therefore provides more convenience. Since it is attached externally to a steam ironing station, it has a capacity of up to two liters, which is larger than that of a conventional steam iron, which can only store 0.3 to 0.35 liters. The latter consequently has to be refilled every half an hour, whereas the filling of a steam iron station takes up to five hoursenough. Before you make a purchase decision, think about the amount of laundry in your household. The more ironing that needs to be done, the larger the water tank should be. However, the size or the total weight of the station increases with the capacity.

Power and wattage: decisive for the heating-up time

The wattage of the steam ironing station has less influence on the actual effectiveness than on the heat development. In other words, it determines how quickly the soleplate heats up and how hot it gets. The greater the wattage, the faster the soleplate will reach the selected temperature level. A station that is quickly ready for use is particularly advantageous if you don’t have time to wait. Usually a steam generator iron has between 1,500 and 2,500 watts. Devices with an output of over 2,500 watts heat up within 60 seconds. For models with 2,200 to 2,500 watts, you don’t have to wait more than 90 seconds for the device to be ready for use. However, less than 2,000 watts is not recommended, especially for steam ironing stations where the boiler and water tank are identical.

The pressure: make a lot of steam

The effectiveness of the device depends largely on the steam output. The most important thing is the continuous steam, i.e. the amount of steam that is produced per minute. Depending on the model, the amount is between 50 and 140 grams per minute. High-performance devices even reach quantities of 400 to 500 grams per minute. In order to be able to smooth even thick fabrics effectively, the steam output should not fall below a value of 100 grams per minute . The thicker the fabric, the more steam is needed for smoothing. For a heavy linen cloth or denim you need a device with a higher steam output.


In addition to the amount of steam, the steam pressure also affects the quality of the ironing result. It depends on how well the steam can penetrate the tissue or how easily it can be smoothed. Most steam ironing stations work with a minimum pressure of 3.5 bar . The higher the pressure, the finer the steam. With a high pressure of six to eight bar, the steam can also penetrate several layers of material and is therefore up to any challenge.

The soleplate: a question of the material

With regard to the soleplate, the material or the coating is particularly important. A smooth sole glides more gently over the fabric, which not only affects the ironing quality, but also makes work easier for the user. Ceramic , aluminum or stainless steel are mostly used. Cheap steam ironing stations usually have aluminum soles. These are particularly scratch-resistant, but also comparatively rough, which is a hindrance to sliding. In the meantime, stainless steel soles have established themselves as the standard, which are also scratch-resistant, but slide better than aluminum soles. Ceramic soles are particularly high quality and easy to use. In addition to the basic materials, many manufacturers equip their devices with high-tech coatings such as Durilium, Glissium, Inox or enamel to make the sole even smoother, stronger and more durable.

Which additional functions are useful?

Some extra functions make handling easier and increase security . These include an eco function, a drip stop, an autoclean function and an automatic switch-off. Please note, however, that more functions are usually associated with a higher price when purchasing the steam generator iron.

Controllable steam output


The continuous steam can be regulated at most ironing stations. This means that the amount of steam is not linked to the temperature, but can be adjusted individually. The more precisely the steam output can be dosed, the better ironing results are possible. A controllable burst of steam can be adapted to the respective texture of the textiles. Sensitive fabrics, for example, only tolerate a little steam, whereas thick clothing requires a lot of steam. The amount of steam can usually be adjusted using a rotary knob. If you set about “120 g / min”, the iron emits 120 grams of steam per minute when you press the steam button. Level zero stands for dry ironing.

Vertical steam function


Most models have a separate burst of steam, also known as a vertical steam function, which is reminiscent of a steam straightener and has about three times the constant steam output. An additional steam output is helpful when dealing with solid fabrics or stubborn folds. With this function, a button on the iron handle emits a short, targeted burst of steam through individual outlet holes at the tip of the device. This means that hanging items of laundry such as suits or curtains can be steamed vertically, without an ironing board. The function is also useful when an evening dress needs to be briefly freshened up or particularly sensitive fabrics are not to come into contact with the hot soleplate.

Anti-limescale system


An anti-limescale system is now standard in steam ironing stations. Manufacturers use different techniques to descale their devices. They use a filter to extract the minerals from the water so that it has the desired pH value. The resulting lime is collected in the lime cartridge or lime cartridge. This lime collector, usually a narrow, pull-out shelf, needs to be emptied regularly. Since new cartridges or cartridges have to be bought for this, additional costs are incurred. Other ironing stations use a granulate on which the lime residue settles. As soon as it is time to descale the appliance, the steam ironing station emits an optical or acoustic signal, usually by means of the descaling indicator lighting up.

Automatic switch-off


As steam generators operate at high temperatures and pressures, safety should always come first. It becomes dangerous, for example, if you are distracted by something and briefly forget to switch on the iron. Not only could you damage the laundry, you could even cause a fire. This cannot happen if the dam station has an automatic switch-off. Users no longer have to worry about whether they really switched off the station before leaving the house, since devices with this automatic safety feature switch off after a certain time, usually after ten minutes in stationary mode and after a few seconds in a horizontal position switch off alone.

Automatic temperature selection


If you want to save yourself the hassle of presorting your ironing, you should use a steam ironing station with intelligent temperature technology. The automatic temperature selection, often found under “Optimal temperature”, regulates the heat using sensors on the soleplate. That is, there is no need to manually set the appropriate temperature for each fabric. With this setting, users can smooth all (ironable) materials, be it cotton or silk. So you don’t run the risk of setting the temperature too hot and damaging your clothes. This not only reduces the time you spend ironing, but also protects your laundry.

Eco mode


The eco or energy-saving mode reduces the power supply on the one hand and the amount of steam and pressure when ironing on the other. If the function is switched on, users save energy when ironing. Depending on the device, savings are 20 to 60 percent in terms of electricity consumption and 40 percent in water consumption. Frequent ironers in particular benefit from this feature. But it is also an advantage if you want to smooth delicate fabrics such as synthetic, wool or silk. Since less steam is generated in this mode, the Eco mode is suitable for easy-care textiles, but it makes more sense to switch to the normal setting for heavy or heavily wrinkled fabrics.

The following convenience features make using the steam generator even more convenient:


  • Drip stop : When the soleplate cools down, it is not uncommon for drips to occur, which soak the ironing board or cause water spots to appear on the fresh laundry. This is because the steam condenses when it is idle. A drip stop, also called an anti-drip system, prevents the formation of drops.

  • Automatic cable rewind : A loose cable is difficult to store. Often loose ends stick out when stowed away. A steam ironing station with automatic cable rewind is therefore practical. It not only saves the annoying winding of the cable, but also avoids kinks. During use, users simply pull the cable out to the desired length.

  • Removable water tank : If the water tank cannot be removed, users either have to carry the heavy station to the sink or the water to the station. Both variants are cumbersome. This can be avoided with a removable water tank, as it can be easily filled at the tap and put back in the ironing station.

Tips and advice

Devices that work with heat are usually a potential source of danger. For this reason, certain safety measures are essential when using steam generators. These already start with the preparation:

You must also note the following:

The tank filling: distilled water or tap water?

While steam irons were previously only allowed to be filled with distilled water, modern steam ironing stations can be filled with tap water without hesitation. It should be noted, however, that the limescale contained in it settles in all components that come into contact with the water. For this reason, the water quality plays an important role in the maintenance of the station . The degree of hardness is particularly important here: the harder the water, i.e. the more lime the water contains, the more often decalcification is required. How hard the tap water is depends on the location. The water supplier provides information.


If you use distilled, i.e. desalinated and demineralized water, decalcification is rarely necessary. The disadvantage: it is aggressive towards sensitive materials due to its lower pH value. Since distilled water binds carbon dioxide, it also promotes rust formation, which means that the escaping steam leaves reddish-brown traces on clothing. Therefore, tap water is recommended for most steam generators .

Cleaning and care: For endless steam

There is little effort involved in cleaning and maintaining a steam iron . This is mainly due to the fact that most modern devices are equipped with a descaling system that saves users the hassle of descaling. Usually it is sufficient to rinse the lime collector under running water. Always pay attention to the respective operating instructions. To ensure that you have something from your ironing station for as long as possible and that you iron it properly over the long term, at least a minimum of care is required. But don’t forget to switch off the steam ironing station, unplug the power plug and let the iron cool down before cleaning.


Regular cleaning of the steam ironing station not only includes wiping the surface of the housing, but also cleaning the water tank and the connecting hose. This will prevent the build-up of limescale, which would make the device unusable in the long term. Calcification has a negative effect on the ironing result; straightening becomes more complex and takes longer. Even the steam nozzles can sometimes become calcified or clogged despite an integrated anti-limescale system . Gently clean them with a cotton swab soaked in vinegar. Be careful, however, that after this treatment no fluff sticks in the nozzles or on the sole.


The soleplate requires particularly careful care. Dirt and dust deposits on the soleplate mean that the iron no longer glides effortlessly over the fabric. Over time, the sole becomes duller. Sometimes residues of synthetic textiles stick to them if you ironed too hot. Remove them with a cleaning agent specially designed for the material in question. As an alternative, home remedies such as lemon juice can also be used for aluminum soles. In the case of light soiling, proceed as follows: Place the iron on a cloth dampened with vinegar. The surface should then be easy to wipe off – otherwise special cleaning pens will help, and if necessary an eraser.

The right ironing board for the steam ironing station

One of the most important utensils for comfortable use of a steam ironing station is the right ironing board. Some stations are already delivered with a table. These ironing systems consist of a table to which the station and the iron are firmly connected. If you opt for an ironing system, you save yourself the individual purchase. If you do not have the necessary space, you should definitely make sure to buy an ironing board specially designed for steam generators. Since the base station takes up a lot of space, the area of ​​the board should be large enough. In order to be able to bear the weight of the ironing station and to make the operation as user-friendly as possible, the four-legged frame should also have a solid, wide and, if possible, lowered surface.


The ironing surface should also be impermeable to steam so that the excess steam does not lead to moisture accumulation. This would lead to the cover becoming wet and stained.


So-called active ironing tables with a motorized suction function that removes the condensed water are particularly practical .

Often this effect can also be reversed: the air is blown out via the suction function, whereby, for example, sensitive fabrics can be fixed and accordingly gently ironed. Even if ironing tables with a blowing and suction function cost significantly more, the investment is worthwhile because the ironing results are optimized. An alternative are heated ironing surfaces that counteract the moisture from the steam iron.


Depending on your height, you should also consider a height-adjustable model . This has the advantage that in a multi-person household everyone can iron for several hours in an upright position, relaxed and without back pain. Most of the ironing tables can be adjusted in height from 70 to 100 centimeters. Foldable models, which can be stowed away in no time to save space, and ironing boards with an integrated socket are also practical.

The leading manufacturers: who will iron their way to the top?

The price range for steam generators is very wide. A simple version of the household help is available from a price of 50 pounds, but the prices go up to 500 pounds. Higher-priced steam ironing stations are often equipped with numerous extras that make ironing more efficient and easier to use. They are more powerful and score with more steam pressure and short heating times. In addition, they are made of high-quality materials, which means that they have a longer service life than cheaper steam generators. Models with a pressure boiler are always priced a little higher.

The leading manufacturers of steam generators include the following:

  • Siemens : As one of the world’s largest electronics companies, Siemens offersa wide range of products. Is known Siemens in particular for its steam generators with self-regulating temperature and a separate water tank. With the TS47400DE model, Siemens offersa powerful ironing station that achieves a steam pressure of up to 6.5 bar and a steam output of up to 400 grams per minute.

  • Tefal : The French manufacturer Tefal not only has cookware with a non-stick coating, but also a wide selection of steam ironing stations for every budget in their repertoire. The Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Turbo steam ironing station impresses with a particularly scratch-resistant, durable and self-cleaning ceramic soleplate, an integrated limescale container, an adjustable burst of steam, an automatic switch-off, a transport lock and an automatic cable winder. The Tefal GV5245 steam ironing station Easycord offers a slimmed-down and correspondingly cheaper version.

  • Bosch : The German company Bosch primarily has steam ironing stations in higher price ranges in its range. Products such as the Bosch TDS6040 Series 6 or the Bosch TDS8030DE Steam Station Series 8 are equipped with all possible features, such as an automatic temperature control, a decalcifying function and a locking system for safe transport. The Bosch TDS4050 steam station series 4 impresses not only with its high-quality workmanship, but also with an output of 2,400 watts and a maximum steam pressure of 5.5 bar.

  • Philips : The Dutch brand Philips specializes in household appliances and offers a wide range of steam generators. The Philips GC9642 / 60 PerfectCare Elite model is a steam ironing station for high demands. Among other things, it impresses with a steam pressure of up to 7.2 bar and noise-reducing technology, thanks to which the PerfectCare device works particularly quietly even with maximum steam output . The Philips GC6704 / 30 Fast CareCompact steam generator ironis a bit more compact.

Winner Steam Generator Iron Station

Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron for Medium Family Basket Loads, with OptimalTEMP: No Fabric Burns Guaranteed, 6.7 Bar, 470 g Steam Boost, Navy - GC9630/20
  • Powerful and convenient: Ideal for medium family basket loads, ideal for thick fabrics and better results
  • 2 x more steam than an iron with 135 g/min continuous steam and 470 g steam boost, for faster and easier deep crease removal
  • No burns and no temperature settings required thanks to OptimalTEMP technology
  • Iron everything from jeans to silk without adjusting the temperature
  • Easy Fill and quick start: 1.8 Litre detachable water tank and quick 2 minutes steam ready heat up time
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