BGC Urges UK Government To Accelerate Casino Reopening Plans This Summer

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Key Highlights

  • Highlighting the safety standards undertaken by casinos for the customers
  • The Betting and Gaming Council has urged the UK Government to accelerate the re-opening process and open the casinos.
  • Casinos are ready to play their part in the upliftment of the economy and to save thousands of jobs.

Michael Dugher, CEO of BGC (Betting and Gaming Council), calls for immediate resolution from the UK Government’s side to re-open the casinos this summer. He asked for a quick resolution to safeguard many jobs and provide a boost to the economy.

BGC has urged the government to do something about its decision not to open casinos since July 4, 2020. The Council has insisted the government and ministers to look into the situation fast and allow the re-opening of land-based casinos. Even Betting and Gaming Council highlighted the safety measures that are taken by the casinos to secure their staff and the players.

The betting shops are given permission in the UK and nearby states to start functioning in June with strict COVID-19 guidelines. The Chief Executive of BGC stated, “The casinos based in the UK have accomplished all the work that was asked from them by pulling out the stops and applying necessary guidelines. He highlighted the safety work that the casinos have done since June 30, 2020.” This statement came after Michael Dugher visited the popular Rank owned ‘Rialto Casino’ in the city of London.

Increased Frustration among the Casino Operators

The casinos in the country observed a complete lockdown since March 23, 2020, to stop the spread of COVID-19. Since June, the UK Government is planning to re-open the various sectors, including the leisure and hospitality sectors.

The betting shops opened on June 15, 2020 in the UK in the final phase. Even sectors like pubs, hotels, restaurants, etc. were permitted by the Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson to re-open, excluding the casinos. They were said to wait for further decision from the government. This has infuriated the casino operators and BGC, who wants the government and ministers to look into the matter fast and let them re-open this July only.

Moreover, Michael Dugher stated, “The Rialto Casino that is the part of the Grosvenor Casino has showcased stupendous work in providing safety. They have marked social distancing areas on the floor, provision of sanitized chips and multiple hand sanitizers, screen to separate customers and the staff members. This showcases that the casinos have made proper arrangements to pull out stops and open safely for the players. I also know many other casino operators who are carrying out the same safety procedures at their venues.”

When the government stated the casinos to be closed until further orders, the decision was marked as inconsistent and nonsensical. But, now the BGC body is highlighting the safety work and anti-COVID guidelines that are followed by the casinos across the UK. Michael Dugher stated, “We were disappointed and frustrated by the government’s decision, but by highlighting the work of our casinos, we are urging ministers to look into the safety efforts and accelerate the process to re-open casinos this July.”

Stressing Government to Open the Casino Operations

“We want to participate in kick-starting the economy as other leisure, hospitality, and entertainment sectors. This is the period of uncertainty, and the nation cannot under-estimate the role-played by the casinos. We have always contributed highly to the national treasury. BGC wishes that the UK Government will look into this matter quickly and let the casino start their operations. This will prove positive for both our employees and the economy,” affirms Chief Executive of BGC.

Along with this, Michael Dugher pin-pointed that the 120 casinos operating in the country have introduced safety measures right from complete sanitization of the venue to customers to exercise social distancing. Even players will be limited at every seating table, and they have to sanitize their hands before and after playing. The punters will be given masks on request, and even the circulation of chips on the playing table will also be prohibited.

Michael Dugher stated, “The casinos from across the UK are putting every effort to provide utmost safety to the employees as well as their esteemed customers. They have put up great investments to start their operations from July 4, 2020.”

Now, the casino operators and the BGC executive are looking forward to the government’s decision to start with the casino operations. They are positive that after highlighting the safety work done by the casinos, the ministers will not under-estimate their efforts and investments done. Even the threat to more than 14,000 jobs will also be curbed, and people can resume to new normal with the opening of one of the critical parts of the leisure and hospitality industry.

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