Different types of blackjack games

Not all the games which played or offered by the casinos are exclusive or unique. For sure the players will have many different kind of variations to choose from to fully satisfy their passion and also to prevent them from getting bored playing same game again and again. Broadly speaking almost all the super casino that exist would have their own variation of the game specifically for blackjack.

Blackjack is a skill based game, and is the one which we can crown as the king of card table. The game of probability, Blackjack is most profitable game if the player uses the right tricks. There are variety of variations out there of blackjack as mentioned above which would grab any player’s attention.

While there are my types being played out there, the aim of playing any variation is to beat the dealer’s hand. Player must get a card total less than or equal to 21. In order to beat dealer’s hand player needs to get card total above dealer’s hand without going over 21.

Different Types of Blackjack

Some small nuances that emphasize the difference remains, while these distinct versions of the games uses same basic rules. The difference can be observed in the payouts, number of decks used in the game and in gaming options. Its advice to perfectly understand the rules before you start playing any of these different types.

Classic Blackjack

The most basic yet widely played form, Classic Blackjack, can be played with only 1 or upto 8 decks of playing cards. The player and the dealer both will receive two cards each, which of those one of dealer’s card will stay face down and is called the hole card.

The player will win if his card total is equal to 21 or is higher than the dealer’s card total. If the card total goes over 21 it’s a losing hand.

Progressive Blackjack

The basic rules remain the same as the classic blackjack with the difference that it give players an opportunity to win the increasing jackpot. In order to win this jackpot the player needs to put an addition $1 bet. Except the small difference in when the cards can be doubled, split, hit or stand all the rules stays the same.

European Blackjack

It is one of the best types of blackjack and is played with 2 decks of playing cards. The way the cards are dealt in this type is the main difference it has as compared to classic blackjack. The cards are dealt in the same manner but the dealer’s hole card is not dealt till the player makes his decision on how he wants to play his card. He is allowed to split, hit, stand or even double (when his card total is either 11, 9 or 10).

Atlantic City Blackjack

This variation of blackjack is played with 8 decks of playing cards. In Atlantic City blackjack the dealer may peek his hole card and stand at soft 17. Players are allowed to split up to three of their hands and also have an option for late surrender and insurance.

Spanish 21

Spanish Blackjack also known as Spanish 21 is a blackjack variation which is played with either six or eight decks of playing cards. There are only 48 cards per deck used removing the 10 value cards out of it. The dealer may pick his hole card and win the hand when his card total is 21. While in the case when both, the player and the dealer, have blackjack will result in tie. Players have an option for late surrender and insurance, even after doubling down the player is allowed to surrender giving them better chance to win.

Blackjack Switch

In this game of blackjack the plyers are dealt two hands, with cards faced up for both hands the players can switch cards between these two hands to improve their chance of winning. While this variation allows players to improve their chance of winning, the payout for blackjack is rather 1:1 instead of the standard 3:2. If the player has blackjack when the cards are dealt, meaning before he switches any cards between two hands, he keeps the bet amount.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

One of the most played type of Blackjack over the internet, Vegas Strip Blackjack is a version of blackjack which allows dealer to peek at his hole card and he has to stand on the soft 17. Players are allowed to split the hand up to 3 times and can also double down when splitting the aces. This version of the blackjack is played with 4 decks of playing cards.


Adding a fun angle to the classic blackjack game, Pontoon is played similar to the Spanish 21 where all the 10 value cards are removed. In Pontoon the hit, stand and blackjack are called Twist, Stick and Pontoon respectively.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack follows exact same rules then their respective online versions. The biggest advantage it has is that it allows players to play the game live with all the comfort of their home. It gives you the exact feeling as if you were playing right at the table in the land based casino.

Super Fun 21

The only blackjack type which comes with guaranteed fun is Super Fund 21. This variation of blackjack is played with only a single deck of playing cards. With a small modification to the payout structure, this variation adheres to the traditional blackjack rules.

Super Influential Casinos in The World Today

super influential casinos in the world today

Super Influential Casinos in The World Today

The casino industry is a business that only speaks in terms of millions. It is a branch that works and that pays big. This is why groups and wealthy businessmen have specialized in this area and are investing heavily.

Some of these groups have become so rich and powerful that their influences are immeasurable. There are several, but some are more distinguished than others. They have extended their reach around the world by establishing themselves almost everywhere, in any case, in the most famous places. They are now references and examples in the world of casinos and gambling.

Las Vegas Sands Corps

We have the famous Vegas Sands at the top of the list. Present in all major cities, it is currently the one with the largest turnover. Whether in Nevada, Las Vegas, China or Macao, the group found its place and not least.

However, he did not arrive there by chance, because he also needed grandiose investments. The Sands Corps group of establishments is one of the largest and most beautiful. Not to mention the services they offer between games, entertainment, restaurants, clubs, accommodation and various other activities.

You will certainly recognize some of its most famous installations spread to the four corners of the mode. Those are:

  • The Venetian Casino Resort Macao
  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore
  • Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem
  • Las Vegas Palace

In its 30 years of existence, the Sands Corps has managed to secure a leading position in the gaming and entertainment world. And its founder, Sheldon G. Adelson is today one of the richest men in the field.

MGM Resorts International

Making the United States its stronghold, the second most influential society is found almost everywhere in the country. Invading the largest cities of the continent, it is not surprising that he has gained the reputation he enjoys today. Indeed, the group is present in New Jersey, Maryland, and Detroit, Mississippi and most recently in Massachusetts.

Founded in 1986, MGM Resorts, then known as Grand Name Co, has grown significantly. Now he’s doing business in different parts of the world and his reputation is second to none. Among its establishments, we find some of the most illustrious:

  • Mirage Las Vegas
  • MGM Macao
  • Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
  • Bellagio Las Vegas
  • MGM National Harbory

Caesars Entertainment

Nearly 80-year-old, Caesars Entertainment is a company with several assets around the world. With a turnover of $ 10 billion a year, it deserves its third place as the most influential casino company.

The latter, well established in the United States, is not content with it since it also has large complexes in Egypt and Vietnam. Unfortunately, this failed to secure him. In fact, following a bankruptcy filing in 2015, the group is currently experiencing great financial difficulties.

Among the casinos it operates, we find:

  • Harrah’s Casino and Hotel New Orleans
  • Caesars Atlantic City Hotel
  • The Horseshoe Casino Hammond Casino
  • Bally’s Atlantic City

Crown Resorts

Now let’s leave the United States to see other countries. We will focus more specifically on Australia. Undisputed giant in his country of origin, the casino sector has no secret for him in this territory. Being the most as the largest entertainment group in Australia, the Crown Resorts is today listed on the stock market with a capitalization of over 8.7 billion Australian dollars.

Thus, wanting to conquer other markets, the majority shareholder, James Packer has partnered with Melco International. This cooperation has apparently borne fruit since it led to the creation and opening of the City Of Dreams in the famous city of Macao.

However, everything he touches does not necessarily become gold. Evidenced by the failed attempt to settle in India, because of a license refused. Let’s wait to see the continuation of the project of implantation in the United States.

SJM Holdings

In fifth place, we are dealing with a true institution of the Asian region. Indeed, SJM Holdings has been the sole ruler of entertainment in Macao for decades. The sole holder of a business license, the company headed by Stanley Ho operates 14 casinos in this well-known city.

In 56 years of reigns, the group has seated its place and has been able to open and operate some of the most famous establishments:

  • Casa Real Casino
  • Emperor Palace Casino
  • Casino Babylon
  • Diamond Casino

It was not until 2002 that the company split the market with the government’s decision to issue additional operating licenses.

Wynn Resorts

Founded in 2002, this very recent company has only 16 years of existence. And yet during that time, she managed to grow quite quickly. Working mainly in high-end complexes, games and casinos are obviously put forward.
In just over a decade, the Wynn Resorts has been able to set up 5 casinos like:

  • Wynn Macao
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Wynn Palace
  • Wynn Boston Harbor Resort which is still under development

The group is mainly located in Macao and Las Vegas, which are also known as the temples of casino games.

Galaxy Entertainment Group

The last company on our list belongs to our Chinese friends. Founded 30 years ago, it has been converted to be a spawn in the field of entertainment and casinos.

On this day, the group runs a number of institutions in Macau and everything is going well since in 2015, it generated up to 51 billion HK dollars. Among the casinos it manages, there are:

  • The President Casino & Hotel
  • Rio Casino & Hotel Macau
  • Broadway Macau
  • Waldo Casino Hotel
  • Galaxy Macau Casino
  • Star World Casino

Quickspin launched its topmost multiplier slot ever the Eastern Emeralds

Eastern Emeralds Slot

The Eastern Emeralds Slots has been introduced by Quickspin.

Quickspin the Swedish gaming provider company who develops video slot games for online gambling has announced a slot game named Eastern Emeralds allowing players to choose from a range of different free spin options. Out of those free spins one with fewer spins carries a higher risk but at the same time offers potentially higher wins. It is the slot with highest-ever multiplier launched by Quickspin.

Quickspin has released a number of booming games this year including Volcano Riches, Northern Sky, Pirates charm and Mighty Arthur. The introduction of Eastern Emeralds video slot follows the same and is designed around the theme of Asian Wilderness.

The CEO of Quickspin, Daniel Lindberg said: “The beautiful game Eastern Emeralds is the result of their inspiration from the symbols and aesthetics of Ancient Asia.

The highest-ever multiplier along with the attractive looks is included reinforces their commitment made of offering unique gaming experience to players.

Quickspin was founded in 2011 and has gained reputation as foremost real money and social casino gaming development studio. The aim of their team of 70 strong gaming industry experts is to innovate and develop the kind of games which would be loved by players. In March 2016, PlayTech acquired by QuickSpin. It is now licensed in many jurisdictions and a list of casino operators have signed agreements with them because of their award winning content.

About Playtech
Founded in year 1999 in Estonia, PlayTech has received an incredible success all over the world becoming the market leading in Gambling and Financial activities. Operating in 17 countries PlayTech has more than 5K employees worldwide. It is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.
To know more, please visit https://www.13wins.com/playtech/

BetSoft Gaming Launched Dragon Kings Slot Machine Game

Dragon Kings Slots

Dragon Kings Slot Machine by BetSoft

BetSoft gaming has developed a new online slot named Dragon Kings. A combination of the historic legend, Dragon Kings bring the Chinese myth related to four seas to life. Dragon kings is a 3×5 slot developed based on the traditional tale with modern touch, Asian aesthetic music and uses the real stars as symbols.

The myth in China is that the four oceans surrounding the ancient china were controlled by four dragons. People travelling through sea would thank to those dragons for crossing the sea smoothly or call for their power when the condition gets worst. The game Dragon Kings the scaly spirits of those dragons are used as standout symbols occupying a reel each capable to change flow of the gameplay.

These four dragons symbols used as wild card with each having their own unique power. Restricted to appear only on the first reel, the Azure Dragon or the Blue-Green Dragon, when appear will held all the other dragons in place and awards 1 free re-spin. The Red Dragon can appear only on the reel 4 and would award a random cash prize up to 400 times the line bet of player. Appearing on reel 5, the Black Dragon also called “Dark Dragon” or “Mysterious Dragon” can multiply all the possible winning combination including it by 3 times.

There is also a myth about there being a fifth Dragon which was the most powerful ruling over the dragons protecting the four seas. The game has reimagined the fifth dragon as Dragon King and appears on the centre reel (reel no 3), as Golden coloured full height animated character. The Dragon King is 2X wild which can double all the win it participates in and also controls the path to the Jackpots. When it’s seen, the Dragon king will expand to fill the whole reel and will trigger the jackpot. If it appears with one or more of the other dragon, their combined power is capable of multiplying the win by staggering 2000x of players betting line also enabling game’s sixth reel.

Reel six features the Dragon king’s Magical Pearl. Appearance of Magical Pearl would award the player by doubling the no of free spins. Illustrated by glowing pearl, Dragons’ Magical Pearl is the required one in order to open the locks to any of progressive jackpots offered in the game: bronze, silver, gold, or diamond.

Bronze jackpot is triggered with the combination of Dragon king plus any 1 of the other dragons and the magical pearl. Along with Dragon king and Magical Pear, the Silver jackpot required presence of any 2 of other dragons and in Gold Jackpot presence of any 3 of other dragons. The combination of Dragon king, all four dragons and Magical Pearl will unlock the Diamond Jackpot which will help the sea-change.

Built on the SHIFT platform of BetSoft, Dragon king is designed and developed to achieve fast loading with reduced file size and great audio-visual environment, comes with a guarantee to experience same gameplay on all devices including mobile, tablet and PC. It is also one of the only game built on model for equitable jackpots yet by BetSoft offering greater odds of winning for larger bets, the more you bet the greater your chance of winning Jackpot.

Trading BitCoin, could it be an addiction?

As identified by the Gambling addiction experts, trading cryptocurrency could be the new ticking time bomb. Increasing popularity of and interest in, Cryptocurrency like BitCoin is surely creating a new kind of gambling addiction. A rehabilitation clinic at the Scottish border has not started offering a treatment for cryptocurrency traders who cannot stop venturing in the volatile digital currency market.

With all the advancement in technology and the rise of BitCoin anyone can trade online. The cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins or any other can be traded similar then shares, and are bought and sold worldwide. Their rate fluctuates more or less same then how shares does.

The Castle Craig Hospital located in the West Linton, a village in Scotland, faced a lot of inquiries for helping traders addicted to trade in modern digital currency. The hospital is providing the treatment same then what is offered to person with gambling addiction.

The BitCoin Expert, Michael Parsons, explained on Stephen Jardine Programme of BBC – why this activity of trading digital currency has become addictive: “As the value of BitCoin went up ten times since it entered the mainstream last year, everyone want to jump in to it in the fear of missing out. People are viewing the historical data for rise of BitCoin inaccurately. They are thinking that it will be repeated, which may or may not be the case. They are buying with no understanding but purely on assumption.

He said that practice is entirely based on hope – like putting money in the slot machine.

As per the therapist Chris Burn from Castle Craig Hospital, trading these digital currencies create kind of a bubble situation which is very exciting, predominantly for compulsive gambler as excitement being the biggest part of any addiction. Also the potential of huge gains attracts most people to trade even those who normally would never even dream of any other addictive activity.

According to Chris burn, it is an addiction and illness which would cause many people to end up in despair or even suicide, so people need to take it very seriously and take practical measure.

What is cryptocurrency?

Crypto Currency is digital currency, which operates independently of the central bank, in which unit generation of currency and transfer of funds are regulated with encryption techniques.

BitCoin is one of the most known out of thousands of diverse crypto-currencies available worldwide. It does not come in notes or coins being a digital currency but largely exists online. BitCoins are generated through “mining” which is a very complex encryption process and is monitored by a network of computers globally.

As per the report the total value of all the crypto-currencies is almost £500 billion. Approximately 13 to 28 million active cryptocurrency users are there worldwide today.

32Red hit with £2m penalty for single problem gambler

32Red had been hit with £2 million penalty for single problem gambler

The penalty of £2 million was given by the gambling commission to the online gambling operator 32Red as they failed to protect a problem gambler and also for money laundering failure. The customer was allowed to make a deposit of £758,000 to 32Red without running a check for social responsibilities and not even for money laundering.

The Gambling Commission had carried out an examination between Nov’14 and Apr’17 on the way 32Red was dealing with their players. During the inquiry there were minimum 22 incidents showing the customer was a problem gambler. But in those incidents rather than running a check on well being of the player with problem gambling behavior, the firm encouraged players to gamble more which was clearly the opposite of what 32Red was supposed to do.

When any problem gambling signs are spotted the operators must take action regarding it and should pay attention and keep reviewing their players.

Bonuses offered by 32Red

As mentioned above, there were occasion emphasizing the problem gambling but rather than inspecting these, the players were offered bonuses encouraging them to carry on playing. As from what The Gambling Commission mentioned, 32Red need to review the players in Aug’16 but they only done it in Jan’17 since a win of more than £1 million was immediately gambled again.

According to The Gambling Commission, the player responded after five weeks to the request, to provide their financial position, and failed to justify the information he had given. The payslips and other reports for the commission earned from work was not trustworthy and there were lot of volatility in the income he had received.

While the average monthly deposits made by the player was more than £45K, the documents and information provided was showing a monthly net income of £13,000 only. Actually the player’s net salary was £2,150 only.

The £2 million penalty given calculated as £709,046 for abatement of the financial gains, £1.3 million to be utilized on National Responsible Gambling Strategy in order to tackle problem gambling and £15,000 for the cost of investigation.

When it was asked, to the spokesman of The Gambling Commission, from where the player received that money, was it stolen to gamble? The reply was, 32Red was not aware of the source of the player’s fortune as they botched the anti-money laundering obligations.

A Swedish online gambling operator Kindred took over 32Red in June 2017.

Japan gets its first casinos

In Japan, the Buddhist community’s concern against the crime and gambling addiction has long prevented the casinos. Due to the profit interest of the government the casino operators are in better place, with the new gambling law implemented the parliament has cleared the way for Japan’s first casino.

That does not mean that there was no gambling in Japan till now, everywhere in the inner cities of Japan the silver bullet rolls in Pachinko machines making thunderous noise. Even though players can lose a lot of money, Pachinko is a game of entertainment and not a game of chance while specking in legal terms. Also there are six type of betting games which are played in Japan, for example horse racing, managed by the state. Casinos on the other hand are highly controversial as the casino house acts directly with the customer, which is very hard for the state to control. Even in the seemingly harmless game of Pachinko, organized crime plays along and with the turnover of over 150 billion euros per year – it is worthwhile for Japanese Mafia as well as the Police.

It’s known to everyone that in reality the operator or Pachinko machines and the Police are under the same roof. The police or we can say the civil servants get a job from these operators once they retire.

Prime Minister Abe: “New casino law will hike to Growth”

It’s an open secret that North Korean syndicates are often the one behind the operators of 11,000 gambling halls in Japan. They serve the illegal procurement of foreign currency. While Pachinko being considered a pleasure for the lower class, casino would be addressing other groups of customers, said the supporters of the current governing party. And above all, to flush money into the hopelessly over-indebted treasury, Prime Minister Abe emphasized two weeks ago:

“The casino law will boost economic growth across the country, and for Japan to become a leading tourism country, I want to do it with all my strength.”

But the head of government could not calculate the economic effect. Professor Mihara warns:
“The contribution that casinos would make to tourism is certainly less than five percent, so in terms of numbers it will not do much, and the government likes to emphasize that foreigners, in particular, should spent their money into the casinos. I do think the assumption that 80 percent of the casino clientele will be Japanese is absolutely realistic.”

Measures to prevent gambling addiction
Due to that, after a lot of struggle, it’s been agreed take measures to limit the domestic gambling addiction, Japanese people will only be allowed to enter the casino 3 times in a week or a total of 10 time per month. Also there will an entrance fee of 6,000 yen which just under 50 euros.

Incidentally, the Japanese are by a large majority against the law. 70 percent do not want casinos. The main reason: Gambling addiction and money laundering and other crimes would be encouraged. Even “Yumiuri Shimbun,” the largest daily newspaper in Japan and usually a zealous supporter of the government, has in this case expressed sharp criticism: “A growth strategy,” wrote the paper, “which exploits the bad luck of others, is extremely unhealthy.”

Hard Rock casino has officially received permission for expansion in Ottawa

Hard rock casino

The city council has formalized an agreement with the Hard Rock casino for expansion plans.

Hard rock casino is hoping to increase the number of gaming tables from 35 to 55, will also build a 2,500-seat theatre along with restaurants, a nine-storey hotel and parking facilities for more than 1,200 vehicles.
Hard rock casino requested the zoning change in the past which was approved by the City Council last may on a condition that, Hard rock casino would need to improve the surrounding road infrastructure.

After striding the issues the Agriculture and rural affairs committee recommended that the access need to be given from the Bank Street to enter the new expanded complex in order to prevent the traffic passing through Albion Road. The company will also be working with the City Council in the improvement of intersection of Albion Road and Lester Road, north of the Casino.

The company’s management has accepted the terms, in writing by sending letter to the City Council twice, to fulfil the requirement by improving the roads and other work mentioned by the City Council of Ottawa.
Scott Moffatt from the Agriculture and Rural affairs committee said, it’s in the best interest of Hard Rock to have better road network in the surrounding. They are trying for a world class complex built with good roads to get there, no matter what impact the newly built facilities will have on traffic, no matter what the company have to do in order to limit these impacts.


The decision to grant the permission of expansion will allow increased access to gambling has not been taken lightly by the City Council. The councillor, “Scott Moffatt”, noted comments from many of his colleges who believed that even adding a single gaming table would increase the risk of creating new problem gamblers.

In last week’s vote, the council adopted a special measure. If Hard Rock Casino wishes to increase the number of gaming tables again, it will have to apply to City Council. Even if the request would normally require the sole approval of the Committee of Derogation.

There was some concern that going through the committee of override to increase the number of gaming tables was not the most transparent way” says Moffatt. It gives people a chance to say yes to a potential increase in the number of gaming tables, to vote on a proposal, to be heard. The Committee of Derogation is public, but it is not the same as going to the municipal council.

Starburst, the most famous slot in the world

Starburst Game Image

There are various slot games that achieved great fame in online casinos due to their quality. It’s but obvious that these games are more sought after than others and are easier to access. There are plenty of slots out there which can be played at any time, but there are only few ones that attract the most players making them play again and again. Starburst is one of those slot which had a huge success over the online casinos.

The Legend of Starburst

Starburst is undoubtedly the best slot where one should start playing. It contains everything any player would look for in any slot. Starburst is a slot like many other and has nothing special but it has had a quite unusual fame as it is very bright, alive and with thematic symbols. The game was developed by one of the industry leader in gaming vertical, NetEnt. It has 5 lines and 10 pay lines like any other slot game. Players can play from 10p up to £100 per spin.

The game would catch attention of any player with its bright colours and the symbols which makes the game visually very pleasing. Its symbols are made up of colourful illuminated jewels making it more attractive to players. In addition to these visual effects one more thing that catches attention is the games music which blends perfectly with the theme.

Players do not get free spins which are normally given in other slots when they get 3 or more same symbols but there are specific symbols which can get expanding starburst available. These symbols are very advantageous as when they appear in line, they have ability to expand on the line and stay there for 3 spins. When it happens, winning prize has the possibility of being much bigger.

These starburst expansion symbols can change the final pay-out amount that is given to the players making this symbols the most like one by players along with this slot game itself. Generally this symbols are knows as Wild. If the player gets another wild starburst symbol while there is one present on the line, the second one will also expand and stay in place for the rest of the spins. All this will only ends when there are no more wilds left.
If a player gets expansions of 3 wilds, the winning prize can go up to £5,000.

The game that makes the players win

As we all know, among the games of casino, slots are the one where the players have very low chances of winning and even if someone wins the amount would be very low nothing huge. The fact that winning is very unlikely in slots makes the players to avoid them. However, starburst is quite outstanding slot in that matter which is one of the reason why it’s famous. It has much more benefits than others, be it the possibility of winning or the amount you can win on slots.
Starburst is considered as one of the most slot machine with benefit of being able to win at least what you have bet. Also as mentioned before, if player is lucky enough to get multiple wilds they can win up to £5K.

Wonderful game features

It was released in year 2012, yet it has the ability to compete with today’s slot games due to its extremely high quality graphics, the background music and of course the game itself. Also the game is available to be played on every devices be it a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Casino bonus types and use

Different types of casino bonus explained

Today, here we going to simply guide you through the many types of bonuses offered by online casinos. There are many common bonuses all the casinos normally offers to their new players to welcome them. In most cases these bonuses are in form that allows new players to try casino games offered by the operator. This has been also practiced and existed in traditional casinos and nowadays it is becoming a must in online casinos.

Brick and mortal casino

There are many land based super casinos which offers different kind of bonuses. This includes casinos in Las Vegas and Monaco etc. which rewards their players for being loyal to them. Some casinos also rewards players based on the amount they wager in games. The rewards may be given in different forms and are not always in cash. Meaning the land based casinos often give away rewards by offering the players hotel stay, invite them for dinners in their cousin or sometimes give away tickets to famous attractions in the city. Pro players are mostly aware of this sort of rewards given by casinos and to take advantage of plans their budget accordingly.

Different bonus types

The bonuses offered in online casinos works with similar principle then in land based casinos. They often gives players free money added to their account when they join casinos portal. They also offers free spins, sometimes offers fixed time in which players are allowed to play certain games for free and try their luck. Online casinos competes heavily against and comes up with unique and generous offers to attract new players. And that is the reason most of the online casinos offers more tempting offers others. Even though the online casinos offers high amount bonuses, players needs understand how the bonus works, they need to go through the terms and conditions to determine if they can actually benefit from it or not. Since its bit complicated, we have created a small summary for different types of bonus which exist in the universe of online casinos. These are quite common bonuses offered by most casinos and below is how they actually works and benefits.

No Deposit bonuses

Available only to new player, the no deposit bonus is a welcome bonus in a form of credit given to the players in their account when registering and thus to attract player to open an account. Generally varying between ten to several hundred pounds this welcome bonus comes with strict and very well defined terms and conditions. Players can benefit to familiarize and get used to the site by using this sort of bonus, playing the games offered by the site in subject, how things works and improve their winning chances by practicing with this credit.

As mentioned this bonus follows a very well structured conditions and involves casino asking you for your social security number to allow you to benefit from it. Players should understand that this process is legal and pretty standard in gaming industry. The information given by players remains safe and secure. The casinos follows this process to prevent players from opening many accounts. The no deposit bonus awarded can be used to play all the games available. There are strict conditions that has to be fulfilled before you can withdraw any winnings made using this bonus.

Free game time

The free game time bonus was launched a decade ago by online casinos sometime in 2007. This bonus allows mainly newly registered players to play certain games for allotted time for free, for example bonus of an hour on games on casino generally at slot machines. This sort of bonus has not achieved great success and disappeared over time by getting replaced with cash bonuses. The protocols for this bonus are rather easier to understand.

Bonus for Deposits

This is the most common bonus amongst the online casinos and are offered by each and every good casino on the net. This bonus allows players, benefit of certain percentage of the amount deposited or a fixed sum added in their account, at the time of first time players makes their real money deposit on casino. It’s also commonly known as Match Bonus. Let’s take an example to better understand it. Say the casino has 200% first deposit bonus, this means that the casino will add 200 pounds extra on player’s account who would make a first deposit of 100 pounds, and the player will ultimately have 300 pounds to play with.

Some casinos often awards bonus of second and third deposits as well. The most important thing to understand is that this sort of bonus is good for players who likes to play slot machine games as with this bonus they will benefit of playing considerably longer time and maximize their chance of hitting the jackpots. This bonus type is not recommended for players looking to play table games like blackjack, roulette or poker, since this bonus comes with very strict withdrawal conditions specifically for table games.

Bonus for use of payment method

Many online casinos offers extra bonus on deposits separately from the welcome bonus amount, when the deposits are made with e-wallets like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and other. The bonus generally range from 10-15%. The casinos offers this type of bonus to promote use of such payment methods since its more secure and faster way to make payments.

Loyalty or VIP bonuses

The casino rewards their high rollers with this type of bonus. The bonus is rewarded at a fixed percent of the amount of losses made by players. Usually it’s calculated automatically and rewarded. It’s a sort of loyalty programme which is reserved exclusively for players visiting casino more often and wagering over certain amount, sometimes called as VIP players. Players can enjoy exclusive rewards like trips, hotel stays and other gifts being a VIP player at the casino.

In conclusion, one thing a player must understand that, all these bonuses with or without deposits, are structured and strict when it comes to withdrawals. Withdrawals can only be made once you have fulfilled all the conditions, which includes the amount wagered per game play, number of times the game played, and other conditions which must not be neglected.