JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the importance of willpower at the gaming tables

Now, a show of hands. How many of us can truly say we have a foolproof poker face? How many of us can boast that we can throw down with the best of them and not crack under the pressure? How many times have you sat down at the table and truly been able to suppress all tells, all urges, all displays of surprise? Believe it or not, the argument wouldn’t be most of us. Having a poker face is easy with a bit of practice. Having a complete poker routine that is absolutely impenetrable, infallible and unfathomable is nearly impossible. Part of poker’s offensive strategy is knowing to pick up on tells and minute subconscious reactions.

This aspect of gambling is represented in the media in one of two ways. In one case it is ignored and everybody is assumed to be maintaining the ultimate stoic disposition so that no two men could tell the other’s thought process. In the other, the act of picking up on tells, and the act of analysis of another’s poker face is dramatized beyond all sense and reactions and tells are hilariously over the top. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, in its iconic style, never does anything in half measures. Nowhere is the poker face, the tell and offensive poker better dramatized than in Part 3 of this anime, Stardust Crusaders.

Background to JoJo

The world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is just what it says on the tin, Bizarre as all hell. Part 3 revolves around a tale of ancestral fate as the protagonist, Jotaro, is convinced by his grandfather to travel from Japan to Egypt to slay the vampire Dio, who stole his great great grandfather’s body, along with a team of 4 other powerful combatants. The party all use a power called a Stand, a manifestation of their spirit that all have various crazy and varied powers depending on the person. TL, DR? JoJo is weird and wacky, but that’s not why I’m writing about it here.

Daniel J. D’Arby

The scene I discuss takes place in Episodes 34 and 35 of Part 3. Upon arrival in Egypt, Jotaro and company encounter a powerful minion of Dio, Daniel J. D’Arby. His Stand power involves stealing people’s souls by winning in a bet with them, storing said souls as poker chips that can then be used as wagers. Of course, such a nefarious person has plenty of methods by which he cheats and ensure the win, and the collection of his opponent’s soul. Luring the party into playing in exchange for information, D’ Arby manages to cheat his way into stealing the souls of three of the party’s members in strange abstract rigged betting games, ranging from betting on which smoked fish a cat would eat first to whoever manages to make a glass of water overflow from dropping coins in it. It is only once it comes to Jotaro’s turn that a game of true traditional poker begins, or at least on paper.

The Poker Game

D’Arby has a whole arsenal of cheats on his side. He has bought out and made the whole bar they play in complicit so that no matter who Jotaro chooses as a dealer, they are rigged in D’Arby’s favour. Unfortunately, Jotaro has a crazy powerful Stand on his side with superhuman strength and reflexes. For example, D’Arby attempts to cheat with second dealing against Jotaro, but Jotaro catches sight of it and breaks D’Arby’s finger in the blink of an eye from across the table. However, it is not Jotaro’s absurd power that allows him to defeat D’Arby, it lies solely in his speed.

D’Arby and Jotaro both enter the game knowing that D’Arby has rigged the entire game so that there is no POSSIBLE way D’Arby could lose. But Jotaro wins by managing to make D’Arby pass out before he can ‘Call’ and match Jotaro’s absurd raises, solely by means of sheer acts of pageantry and intimidation.

Jotaro’s ‘Strategy’

Jotaro accepts the hand that is dealt to him without even looking at the cards, an expression of pure brazen confidence. We know it is because Jotaro knows the game is rigged, but this confidence plants a seed of doubt in D’Arby’s head as to the reliability of his dealing cheat. D’Arby passes it off as a bluff and continues. Jotaro then raises by betting the soul of a friend who is currently in hospital. This bluff throws D’Arby completely. Then, purely to flex his speed and confidence, Jotaro lights a cigarette in an eyeblink by snapping his Stand’s fingers, catching D’Arby completely off guard. He then acquires a cocktail in an eyeblink, and is sipping it when D’Arby’s eyes return to him. These feats of speed terrify D’Arby, and he is shocked into thinking that Jotaro’s Stand could have swapped his cards out at an astonishing speed, so his dealing cheat would have failed utterly.

The final nail in the coffin that Jotaro uses to completely break D’Arby is that he wagers his own mother’s soul, who is currently dying and the reason he even came to Egypt in the first place. D’Arby has no more souls to bet, and the only way he can meet Jotaro’s raise is to tell him the secret of his boss, Dio, the vampire’s Stand. Telling such a secret would have him executed as a traitor. D’Arby is so terrified to call and make this raise, knowing that he could die, that he passes out and Jotaro wins back his friends souls.Now if you strip back all of the supernatural elements, the Stands, the vampires, JoJo’s trademark over the top reactions and dramatization, you end up with one simple fact. Jotaro managed to win one of the highest stakes poker games imaginable, with what was revealed to be a terrible hand, two pair, PURELY on an unbridled and unmatchable confidence and swagger. Now this is of course a very unreasonable expectation to have for your own games, and having enough confidence as Jotaro to be able to raise to the point of an opponent’s total psychological breakdown is not easy. But it is a simple fact that this representation of gambling in the media paints it as a game of skill, a game of confidence, and a lesson that even if both the dealer, and life, deal you a terrible, hand, you can still pull off the play of a lifetime. So keep that in mind next time you’re at the table. Maybe you can bluff your way to victory in a way even an absolute scion of mental security as Jotaro could applaud.

Reinventing the Wheel- Why slots are the best and most popular game

There is no denying that the iconic image of a casino normally contains three games: poker; roulette; and slots. Slots are so widespread because they earn their keep consistently. They operate on such a simple concept that no slot can become outdated or obsolete, so many slots persist through decades of use both online and in a physical casino. The attraction of slots lies mainly in their high jackpot appeal and earning potential, and in their graphical appeal, often tying in to films or games. And yet realistically their popularity on paper, statistically, doesn’t make a lot of sense. The house edge in slots are generally higher ranging from a 10% house edge to anything as low as 5% in some online slots, and yet somehow slots manage to accrue millions of players every day. American casinos have slots as their most popular games and some of the greatest hits online are slots. So the question is, why exactly is this the case, and why are so many people hopping onto slots as their staple and stable fix?

Sheer choice

It doesn’t matter what casino you go to. There is bound to be an immense, borderline terrifying selection of slots to pick from. Much like any other arcade game, each slot is unique and has its own gameplay, its own bonus rounds, its own advanced mechanics for you to learn and get used to. Even if you get bored of one slot there is always another refreshing slot to reinvigorate your gambling spirit. Even more so, slot developers are always creative in developing pre-existing games and coming up with new ones. Whether the new slots are more or less volatile, with huge life changing jackpots or a steady tide of small wins, there is always a new slot for you.

Financial Accessibility

Another key reason is in its financial accessibility as a game. In a physical offline casino, even cheap seats at cheap tables often only accept a minimum bet of as high as $5. Some might start at $10 and hike it up to even a $25 starting price or even more. But in the case of slots, you’ll find that the vast majority accept a low, low price of 1 cent as its minimum entry. You can get much more mileage out of a $30 run on a slot machine than you would on a table that would take all your money in just a few games.

The other advantage when dealing with online slots is there isn’t the pressure of space in a physical casino, and the games move faster and faster due to their digital nature. The development of a slots run is far quicker both physically and online than a game of blackjack for example, with its various hands, players and stages of play.

Bet/Payout ratio

No matter how high you bet at a blackjack table or a roulette table, even with incredible luck, the payout is within a reasonable degree. A big winner at poker could net you a 20x payout, maybe a 15x payout with roulette. Not slots. Slots have the same massive winning potential as a lottery. Bets ranging in the cents have won thousands of dollars in physical casinos or even millions online. Dollar slots in physical casinos have netted multi-million life-changing jackpots.

Realistically you will never get a jackpot that high as an average player. But it isn’t unheard of. Moreover, there are plenty of sites and slots that give four figure payouts every day. It really is a question of whether you have the willpower to power through the losses and chase that win, and that thrill is something only slots can really provide in a casino environment.

No need for experience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of slots, however, is that it is entirely luck based with no need for skill or proficiency. It takes little to no learning to be able to play slots, you merely crank the handle and pray. Some slots contain advanced mechanics, sure. But generally, these advanced mechanics are explained by the machine, whether physical or online. They are a gateway drug of sorts for the casino, and they are renowned for their addictiveness for good reason. If you are entering a casino with no experience and want to get into the game, the slots are a great place to start. Moreover, they provide a refreshing change for seasoned gamblers looking to go back to basics.

There is no need for time or practice to get good at slots and understanding the odds. The only way of finding out is pulling that lever. Slots are so simple that simple slot machines are integrated in video games marketed towards children. As a result it really proves that there is no barrier to anybody playing, and is perhaps the reason why they have always been so popular at seaside arcades in the UK.

A solo experience

Whether you choose to view this as an advantage or disadvantage is up to you, but slots more often than not are played entirely alone with the machine. There is nothing to stop you and a friend taking up adjacent machines, or making friends with a stranger playing at the reels, but the games are isolated. You can have as much or as little social activity in slot playing as you’d like, especially with the introduction of new community slot games.

However, needless to say, there can be no backlash at you for winning a game or messing up another’s odds if you’re playing by yourself. Poker games and casino debacles are infamous for causing violence in films and underworld history, so the last thing you want is to irritate the wrong guy and end up facing retribution outside in the parking lot or a tirade of verbal abuse online. Of course, that is not to say poker both online and physical, and community based casino games in general, are all dangerous and not worth playing. But if you’d like to keep your gambling to yourself and only have yourself and the machine to worry about as variables, slots are the game for you.

Overall, slots pay well, keep well and keep their players hungry. They have the potential for huge streaks of wins and huge streaks of losses, and the potential for a massive win every so often with often microscopic betting price. They appeal to the high roller and the small-time penny plinker. So the question is less why are slots most popular, and more why aren’t you playing slots yourself?

Online vs Abroad – Playing casino games

This wide wonderful world houses hundreds of beautiful casinos. From the dazzling neon of Vegas and all of the mystery and high rolling excitement housed in those halls to the beautiful neoclassical gaming paradises of French Monaco, no doubt anybody who has ever scratched that gambling itch or seen any blockbusters wants to throw their bet in at one of these monumental repositories of gambling goodness. However, with these pillars of high-rolling gratification at the top, it is undeniable that there are also a lot of naff, gaudy casinos that do little else but swindle holidaymakers or slowly breathe their last as they shuffle along gasping for air under the weight of the magical rise of online gaming. So the question remains, where do I gamble, and why?

For the thrill of the chase

Arguably, you don’t need a physical casino, you don’t need the suits and ties, crisp green mats and click-clack of the ball in the roulette wheel, if what really gives you joy from gaming is the excitement of the gambling, and the excitement of the risk. The age of the internet, of the app, both web and mobile, means that if you want that rush you needn’t leave your house. Hell, you needn’t leave your bed half the time. The beauty of a virtual environment means that the excitement of the RNG element of the casino can be applied to any sort of game. Traditional online casino games like blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, solitaire, craps and all sorts can be quite easily simulated online and there are a plethora of these sort of sites readily available. However, in the age of video games and the rise in graphics quality, all sorts of new games blending online casino gambling with newer more visually pleasing elements has resulted in all sorts of games and apps where real money is bet on RNG, such as in gachapon style digital trading card games, with massive payouts on selling accounts with certain cards in them, or single cards alone depending on the game. Now more than ever, gaming online can not only be rewarding for excitement, but can be visually rewarding too and offer a completely different tactile sensation. Let the new frontier begin. 

For the spectacle

If you want to play casino games for the aesthetic, for the crisp green tables, the smell of solid plastic and the suits and champagne, there is no doubt that the physical casino is for you. Physical casinos have their own culture, their codes and their fashions, and it is quite the experience to be part of. Nothing can quite beat throwing craps in Nevada or the iconic image of a poker table in Macau surrounded by people who, at least in your head, may well be stonkingly wealthy heiresses, mob bosses and undercover celebrities. Whether you wish to shatter that beautiful image and accept the reality that they are probably casino tourists such as yourself, or want to live in the illusion, it is nonetheless clear that you want to hit the big leagues and go to Vegas or such like. Perhaps it is worth stowing away a few of those deposits you were about to throw into some online game and buy yourself a trip to Vegas.

So what are the advantages of online?

Well for starters, it is a hell of a lot easier to gamble online.  A trip to a casino, especially a high quality one abroad, could take hours, days, weeks, even months of planning flights, accommodation, cars, hotels. Meanwhile online gambling can take place anywhere, anytime, expense free, leaving you more money to throw at the slots rather than down the drain. There is no doubt, however, that the overall experience of paying to visit a real casino with all the trappings and culture it entails, is hardly throwing money ‘down the drain’. It is hard to beat the tactile sensation of rolling chips in your hand, the tension of players staring each other down, and the sounds of dice hitting a mat.

Online games operate almost identically to the games being played physically. They are rarely any alteration in rules or method of play, the core tenets of the games are preserved. If you worry about the random element of the physics of dice or roulette, then don’t be, because digital RNG replicates the random element of real-world physics’ effect on a roulette ball or six-sided die perfectly fine. The overall experience might be different, but the games are no less a game digitally than they are physically.

You could however make the case for how digital gaming hinders games like poker, where player interactions are highly necessary to gauge decisions and odds. This is undeniable, and even with the use of webcams, high quality cameras and similar equipment, it is easy for a player to conceal their cues, their tics and their tells when there is a camera on them rather than a pair of physical eyes. The digital realm does provide a barrier to this kind of gameplay, and it is difficult to replicate a real poker environment in the datascape, at least until VR technology really hits the pinnacle we anticipate. In this respect you could treat it as an advantage for the less confident and defensive poker player, having their tells easily concealed, but for other more aggressive players it certainly does not help.

But what about my odds?

Many players raise the complaint and misconception that in the online casino, the odds are stacked against the player greater than in a house due to the digital element, and that players are at the game’s mercy. However, online casino games’ RTP (Return to Player) are fixed, in fact the result is that the games are weighted towards the player since there is no house edge. An RTP 95% game online will give that 95% return to all players, across the site, without argument. The use of physical RNG devices like dice and roulette, and cards, in the physical casino means that all results are left purely to chance and so payouts are less consistent than online gaming, in fact.


The result of all this is that gaming has its drawbacks no matter where you gamble. A casino trip is expensive, but a digital casino is cheap. A casino trip is difficult, but a digital casino is easy. A casino trip has all the jazz and pizazz of Hollywood whereas playing blackjack with some strangers on your phone, in bed, drinking coffee doesn’t quite capture the magic of it. But maybe it captures just enough of it for you to be satisfied.

A Guide to Volatility and RNG for the uninitiated

RNG is probably a word you have heard many a time if you have been involved in ANY sort of gaming, be it gambling, sportsbetting, casino games, or card games, all the way through to less financially motivated games like tabletop RPGs and video games. Volatility, on the other hand, is a tad more specific to the tables, and this article will help break down the two terms and debunk any misconceptions you may have had up to this point.


Random Number Generator is a machine, either software based or a physical device, designed to generate a number or a sequence of numbers or symbols devoid of any pattern. This system is what basically every system of luck you have played is based on. Magic 8 Balls, dice from the traditional hexahedron up to the 20 and 100 sided dice of D&D, games on your phone, FIFA Ultimate team packs, lootboxes, trading card booster packs and damage numbers in games ALL rely on RNG for their creation or function. Anybody asking for ‘good RNG’ is merely asking for good luck.

In the Casino

The role of RNG in a casino is what all the games you play are based on, split between physical devices and digital systems. Playing dice-based games uses the dice-based source of RNG. A die is a physical RNG device, yielding a random result between 1-6, relying on the physics of the dice being thrown to yield the random result. A thoroughly shuffled deck of cards is a physical RNG device yielding a result between 1-52 (game-setup dependent of course) using the shuffling as the source of the random element. A roulette wheel yields a result of both colour and numerical variables again using physics as the random decider. Slot machines, digital games and all gaming machines will use a digital RNG system. 

Is this a good thing?

As much as the idea of RNG, and your entire gaming life revolving around the decisions of random elements, that is entirely what casino gambling and gaming revolves around. Indeed, the whole concept of all casino games would be destroyed if the random element was removed, and the use of RNG devices is precisely what keeps the games fair and free from being tampered with. RNG is great for you because it means the dealer can’t swing the game, and the machine is not messing with you. You will never enter a casino with weighted dice or packs of cards or roulettes, which is downright illegal under gambling commission legislation in many countries. The only time you will ever see RNG being a bad thing is in competitive games of skill. Losing to blind luck in a game of complete skill is heartbreaking, and part of the reason why eSports struggle to gain traction. The presence of RNG elements in online competitive games is something developers constantly battle against. However, you will never need to fear the term when “RNG” appears in a casino environment, because all it means is that your game is fair and neutrally generated.


Now that we have established what is involved in RNG, we can begin to understand volatility. Volatility, pure and simple, means the likelihood of winning the game. It is based on the game’s design and construction, the algorithms and RNG involved in the creation of the game and illustrates the probability of a player winning or losing and the frequency of victory they should anticipate. Highly volatile slots and machines will have dry periods in between wins that can be disheartening but will often have higher payouts. Slots and games of lower volatility subscribe more to the little-and-often philosophy, dealing out lower payouts more regularly. Volatility can further be analysed in terms of RTP%, Return to Player Percentage, and House Edge. RTP means how much of money spent on each play is returned to the player, meanwhile house edge means how much a game is weighted in the house’s favour. You will see RTPs as low as 85% or as high as 95%. The only issue here is it is difficult to determine a game’s volatility since it is rarely stated.

How does this help me?

The reason volatility begs explanation is due to its popularity as a buzzword for online forums, and a piece of gaming vocabulary bandied about everywhere that people discuss casino games, both online and physical, both in forums and in person. The point here is that if you read that a certain game is highly volatile by other people’s reckoning or low volatility, it does not mean one game is better than another. Given its use in the semantic field of explosives and chemistry, one could hear that a slot is highly volatile and instantly get spooked. However, this other use of the term is helpful. Think of it like this. If a slot is highly volatile, keep prodding and eventually you’ll get a massive explosion of a win. If a slot is low volatility, the wins will be less explosive, but they will take less prodding.

Getting a feel for the volatility of a game is something that comes with practice and experience. Even after a few months or regular gambling you soon get used to what machines and online games offer the bigger and less frequent payouts, and which games you yield a greater enjoyment from. At the end of the day, choosing between high and low volatility games when gambling is entirely a matter of choice. Oftentimes it depends if you play to win or play for the thrill of the chase. A low volatility game will give you more consistent payouts and gratification to scratch that winning itch, but if the excitement of huge jackpots and a long road to hit those winning numbers is what you are after at the tables, then the high volatility games are for you. Hopefully this guide helps you make a more informed decision on games as a result of this.

12 tips on how to win an Online Poker Tournament

Are you new to poker tournaments, or just poker in general? Either way, check out this article for all the info you might need to take down that big first poker tournament win. Poker tournaments have been popular online for a number of years. They remain a great way to win big without risking too much money up-front. You might have a good cash game record, but winning a poker tournament requires a totally different set of skills and mindset.

In this article, we’ll assume you understand the basics of Texas Holdem poker along with having a general grasp of the main terms involved with the game. The main aim of this article is to get you from a novice poker player to someone with a good idea of the main tactics and strategies needed to be good at tournament poker. So let’s get started—how do you win an online poker tournament?

  1. Choose the right poker site
  2. Pick the right tournaments
  3. Look after your bankroll
  4. Use bonuses if you can
  5. Keep tight and careful early on
  6. Learn who you’re sitting with
  7. Consider using software
  8. You need a better hand to call an all-in than to go all-in first
  9. Be aware of the blinds and ante compared to your stack
  10. Loosen up as you approach the bubble
  11. Don’t go on tilt
  12. Be careful as every place means money in the later stages

Choose the right poker site

Before we look at actual strategy in a poker tournament, a lot of your success as a tournament poker player will depend on the site you’re playing at. It can be good to find a site with a lot of “fish”, or low-quality players—rather than one with only experienced poker experts. Another key consideration is the size of tournaments and the prizes on offer, as the bonuses you might be able to play with. You might also want to have a look at other factors including withdrawal options and side games.

Pick the right tournaments

When you’ve found the poker site for you, the next step is to pick the right tournament. This is another factor that plays a role in choosing the site in the first place, but also in picking tournament to enter once you’ve registered and deposited. Find tournaments with the right number of players for you. A big tournament with thousands of players will last longer, so be aware that they might take many hours to complete. However, the prizes can be much higher. Smaller tournaments can be quicker, but tournament play generally isn’t for people who are in a rush. Another thing you need to look for is tournaments with an overlay.

Overlay is when a tournament has positive value because the site is guaranteeing a certain prize fund and the tournament doesn’t have enough players. For example, a $10,000 prize fund at a $10 buy-in (not including rake) would need 1,000 players to have equal value. Any less than this means you’ve actually got positive value for this tournament. Remember that this figure can be skewed somewhat by rebuys.

Look after your bankroll

Many players simply deposit a certain amount and then enter a tournament to that value. That’s not the best way to manage your bankroll. Try only entering a tournament with a maximum value of 5% of your entire bankroll.

Use bonuses if you can

If you picked a site with bonus offers, make sure you can use these for tournament entries. You might also have got some tournament tickets when you signed up, so use these beforehand to get some free practice in and to try and boost your bankroll before you risk any real money.

Keep tight and careful early on

One key piece of strategic advice to remember in the early stages of a tournament is that if you lose your seat, you can’t win. That means you need to stay tight, and don’t be calling bets with inferior hands. Position is extremely important, and many players are far too loose in tournaments and get involved with hands they should just be folding pre-flop. Tighten up your starting hand requirements considerably in the early stages of a tournament, especially in early position on the table.

Learn who you’re sitting with

Be aware of which players are calling everything and which are tight. This can help give you a better indication of who you should and shouldn’t be getting involved with.

Consider using software

If you aren’t good at analysing and remembering players, you can get software like Pokertracker to give you a statistical view of them.

You need a better hand to call an all-in than to go all-in first

Remember, there are two ways to win from pushing all-in first (or raising). You either win the showdown or the other player folds. When you call an all-in, you better be sure you’ve got the best hand.

Be aware of the blinds and ante compared to your stack

This is an important thing to keep an eye on as the tournament progresses. That’s because the blind increases. Make sure you’ve got at least ten times the big blind or you might approach all-in mode. That’s when you have to start simply shoving all-in to try and pick up some blinds or double up. This is more effective as the tournament progresses as people get scared of losing their seat near the money places (or “bubble”).

Loosen up as you approach the bubble

As people become much tighter near the bubble, you can really make moves at this stage by picking up the ever-increasing blinds with careful late-position raises of 3 or 4 big blinds. If you’re desperate and only have less than ten times the big blind in your stack, you might need to shove all-in instead. Only make these raises if nobody else has called or raised before you, unless you have a great starting hand.

Don’t go on tilt

Keep your mindset in check and keep making a good decision, even if the cards have gone against you. Keeping a steady mindset is an important factor in becoming a good poker player at any level, especially during tournament play and in the latter stages of a tournament which can be stressful.

Be careful as every place means money in the later stages

Once you get to the final table, every time someone gets eliminated means you win more. So you might want to stay quiet and be careful. However, everyone will be doing this so it’s actually a time where you can make more money by being aggressive, especially as the blinds are so valuable at this point. It’s a fine balancing act that you might need to practice to get right.

Hopefully, these tips are enough to get you started towards tournament poker success.

Top 7 Super Casinos in the United Kingdom

While you might have noticed the massive boom in online casino gambling in the last few years, especially in the UK – there’s still a ton of fun to be had in real land-based casinos. The UK is the home of online casinos, with a much more open and regulated approach to gambling. That means there are plenty of options and plenty of fun to be had all over the place. But don’t forget proper casinos in the towns and cities near you.

When you think of big land-based casinos, you might think of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But you don’t have to go that far to enjoy all the thrills and excitement of playing live blackjack games or massive jackpot slots. There are some big casinos in the UK, much bigger than you might think. And they might also be much closer to you than you might think.

Although sitting at your computer and playing instant casino games can be fun, nothing beats the excitement of a real casino. The sites, the sounds, the people, and the potential to win big. Don’t stay sitting in your room when you could get down to the casino today. Not only do land-based casinos have tons of exciting games, they also have plenty of other entertainment options. These can include live shows, restaurants, bars and other nightlife options. If you gamble enough, you might even get a free meal or some other goodies out of it.

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In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best and biggest land-based casinos in the UK. Keep reading to find out the best place to visit near you, or helps somewhere you can treat yourself to a fun weekend away at.

Aspers Casino Stratford

The wider Stratford area has seen massive regeneration in recent years, thanks to being the location of the London Olympics. This has included many new jobs and the impressive Westfield shopping and entertainment complex. And that’s where Aspers sits on the top floor. It has fast become one of the best and most popular casinos not only in London, but in the UK as a whole.

The location of Aspers in the Westfield complex make it attractive for all sorts of people. There are tons of different eating and entertainment options, as well as all that shopping. The casino itself has a complete range of games and other fantastic options. It even has a range of live poker games and tournaments which not every land-based casino offers. The casino also has its own restaurants that rival the countless eating options you’ll find nearby.

Genting International Birmingham

Genting International was the UK’s first Vegas-style resort casino. It used to be known as Resorts World Birmingham and offers the sort of entertainment and gambling options you might expect from a resort of its type. That means you can enjoy all your favourite casino games as well as relax in a range of bars and restaurants, as well as shopping. Genting International is great for day visits, but it has its own hotel if you want to make a night of it (or more).

Genting International is one of the biggest casinos in the UK, with a floor space that can fit up to 2,000 gamblers in at any one time. It has all the top games and gambling options you can think of.

Park Lane Casino

This one is situated in one of the poshest parts of London and has the high-end atmosphere you might expect. In fact, it’s such an exclusive high-roller casino that it has a membership fee of £1,000. While that obviously means it isn’t for everyone, if you’re really serious about gambling and enjoy high-stakes games, then the luxurious setting of this casino could be for you.

Park Lane Casino also has a range of high-end restaurants and bars as well. As you can imagine, they aren’t cheap either.

Hippodrome Casino London

If you’d rather gamble in central London at a slightly more affordable venue, then you might want to consider the famous Hippodrome. This casino has been around for a while, but is still considered one of the best. It has won a number of awards for being the best casino in Europe, and continues to offer all the games and entertainment options you might want.

The Hippodrome is perhaps best known for its unrivalled range of entertainment options and live shows. Their in-house seater is home to some of the best jazz, cabaret and other live shows around. The Hippodrome also has a range of dining options including a quality steak house.

Manchester 235 Casino

This 5-star hotel and entertainment complex in Manchester is situated in the Deans gate area of the city and is considered the best casino in the northwest of England. It has high-end restaurants and great poker lounge. This casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has been delighting locals and visitors for a number of years.

Alea Casino Glasgow

If you’re looking for a top-notch casino in Scotland then look no further than Alea Casino Glasgow. This casino is situated in Springfield Quay and has a range of Vegas-style gaming options and entertainment options. You can enjoy all your favourite casino games and more, while taking time out in their popular restaurants and bars. This is one of the best entertainment options in the city and hosts a number of different parties and events.

Grosvenor Casino Leo

The Grosvenor Casino Leo is based in Liverpool on the famous Albert Docks, and it lives up to its location. The Leo is open 24/7 and has all your favourite games as well as a range of live poker options including tournaments and cash games every day.

As you might expect from a casino of this standing, there are also a range of eating and drinking options—including two cocktail bars.

Hopefully, one of these land-based super casinos could be for you. Why don’t you give one a try? Even if you aren’t a fan of gambling, these casinos are fun spots to spend an evening and enjoy yourself. And if you do like to gamble as well, there’s nowhere better.

How to Use Cryptocurrencies With Online Casinos

Have you seen the massive growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years? If not, where have you been? Cryptos like BitCoin have taken the international investment and currency markets by storm in the last few years. You might have thought they were a fad, but they’re here to stay.

While the growth in cryptos like BitCoin has been extremely volatile, they are now stabilizing somewhat. Although this might mean you’ve missed the chance to make huge gains on your investment, it also means it’s a more stable currency to actually use for standard purchases. What that means for you is that there are more options to use BitCoin and other cryptos to buy things online instead of using standard currencies like dollars. If you’d like to know a bit more about cryptos and how to use them to make payments to online casinos, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to look in a bit more detail at the basics of cryptocurrencies as well as how to use them with online casinos to try and win big.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A crypto is a deregulated and encrypted currency based on blockchain technology. These currencies are independent from national currencies and are not backed by Governments. This has lead to some places seeing them as a threat, and banning their sale and use. However, other locations have opened up and allowed the trade and use of cryptocurrencies for regular transactions.

The most famous cryptocurrency is BitCoin, which you’ve probably already heard of. One coin rose in price from a few cents to over $10,000 over the course of a few years. But there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there, including ones you can still pick up for cents each. If you’re looking to fund an online casino account you’ll probably be looking at using BitCoin.

How do you buy and store cryptocurrencies?

This is where things get a little bit complicated. You store your cryptos in a virtual wallet. Each coin normally has its own wallet. You can buy cryptocurrencies directly from other people. But you can also use online trading platforms to both buy and store coins like BitCoin. You can also store your BitCoins offline to keep them safe from hackers (which is a growing issue with cryptos).

Why would you want to use BitCoin and other cryptos to play online casinos?

Many see BitCoin as a flexible alternative to regular payments that aren’t tracked by banks or Governments. In other words, they’re completely anonymous and untraceable. That means you can play casino games in locations where online gambling might be blocked. When used with a VPN, you could enjoy all the fun of your favourite casino games like blackjack, slots and more whilst remaining completely anonymous. YOur ISP won’t know, your Government won’t know and your banks won’t know.

However, you still need to be careful. While some online casinos accept BitCoin for payment, they still require identification to prove your age and eligibility for online casinos. These casinos don’t offer fully anonymous play but they do offer the convenience of an additional payment method like BitCoin.

If you’re wondering what the point of using BitCoin for casino payments is when you don’t get the benefits of anonymity, there are still some. Firstly, BitCoin payments are super-fast, unlike waiting days with some credit card transactions. They also don’t have any fees so you can transfer money much more cheaply than when using a credit card or some other payment options. Whether you want to use BitCoins and other cryptos to stay anonymous or if you simply want to make your payments faster and more affordable, you should be able to find the right casino for you.

How can you use cryptocurrencies with online casinos?

Once you’ve found a casino that accepts cryptocurrencies, you’ll then need to link your BitCoin wallet with the online casino (or other crypto wallet if they accept it). The BitCoin exchange rate fluctuates a lot, so a real-time calculation of the costs should be presented. You then simply make the payment as you would with any other type of payment.

Can you use crypto with online casino bonuses?

Yes! If you find a casino that offers deposit bonuses to help you get started, you should be able to use cryptocurrencies to start playing and winning. Online casino bonuses have been popular for years and they’re a great way to start playing and winning with additional funds. Make sure you’ve checked the terms and wagering requirements, as some bonuses will require you to play on specific games like slots. Even so, if you enjoy slots, then these bonuses can be a great way to get started and hopefully on your way to some big wins.

What are some casinos that accept cryptocurrencies?

While cryptocurrencies are still in their early days, more and more casinos are starting to accept them as payments, especially BitCoins. Casinos that accept BitCoin include Captain Cooks Casino, Golden Tiger Casino, Slots Magic, UK Casino Club and many more.

What will you need to use cryptos on online casinos?

You’ll need some cryptocurrencies like BitCoin stored in a wallet. Depending on the casino, you might also need some identification and proof of address. You will also obviously need a computer or compatible device (like a phone or a tablet) as well as an internet connection.

How can you withdraw your money?

You should be able to withdraw as quickly and easily as you deposited and back to your BitCoin wallet. Be aware that most casinos will only allow you to withdraw back to the same payment method you deposited with. So you won’t be able to deposit with BitCoin and then withdraw to a dollar account, or vice versa.

Is it safe to use cryptos on online casinos?

As long as you use a secure wallet and only deposit to a reputable casino, it should be safe. You won’t have the security of insurance or being able to charge back on your credit card, or any fraud protection your bank might offer, but most people use cryptos with online casinos without any trouble. Just be careful and you should be fine.

Now you can start playing and winning with a number of different online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

Different types of blackjack games

Not all the games which played or offered by the casinos are exclusive or unique. For sure the players will have many different kind of variations to choose from to fully satisfy their passion and also to prevent them from getting bored playing same game again and again. Broadly speaking almost all the super casino that exist would have their own variation of the game specifically for blackjack.

Blackjack is a skill based game, and is the one which we can crown as the king of card table. The game of probability, Blackjack is most profitable game if the player uses the right tricks. There are variety of variations out there of blackjack as mentioned above which would grab any player’s attention.

While there are my types being played out there, the aim of playing any variation is to beat the dealer’s hand. Player must get a card total less than or equal to 21. In order to beat dealer’s hand player needs to get card total above dealer’s hand without going over 21.

Different Types of Blackjack

Some small nuances that emphasize the difference remains, while these distinct versions of the games uses same basic rules. The difference can be observed in the payouts, number of decks used in the game and in gaming options. Its advice to perfectly understand the rules before you start playing any of these different types.

Classic Blackjack

The most basic yet widely played form, Classic Blackjack, can be played with only 1 or upto 8 decks of playing cards. The player and the dealer both will receive two cards each, which of those one of dealer’s card will stay face down and is called the hole card.

The player will win if his card total is equal to 21 or is higher than the dealer’s card total. If the card total goes over 21 it’s a losing hand.

Progressive Blackjack

The basic rules remain the same as the classic blackjack with the difference that it give players an opportunity to win the increasing jackpot. In order to win this jackpot the player needs to put an addition $1 bet. Except the small difference in when the cards can be doubled, split, hit or stand all the rules stays the same.

European Blackjack

It is one of the best types of blackjack and is played with 2 decks of playing cards. The way the cards are dealt in this type is the main difference it has as compared to classic blackjack. The cards are dealt in the same manner but the dealer’s hole card is not dealt till the player makes his decision on how he wants to play his card. He is allowed to split, hit, stand or even double (when his card total is either 11, 9 or 10).

Atlantic City Blackjack

This variation of blackjack is played with 8 decks of playing cards. In Atlantic City blackjack the dealer may peek his hole card and stand at soft 17. Players are allowed to split up to three of their hands and also have an option for late surrender and insurance.

Spanish 21

Spanish Blackjack also known as Spanish 21 is a blackjack variation which is played with either six or eight decks of playing cards. There are only 48 cards per deck used removing the 10 value cards out of it. The dealer may pick his hole card and win the hand when his card total is 21. While in the case when both, the player and the dealer, have blackjack will result in tie. Players have an option for late surrender and insurance, even after doubling down the player is allowed to surrender giving them better chance to win.

Blackjack Switch

In this game of blackjack the plyers are dealt two hands, with cards faced up for both hands the players can switch cards between these two hands to improve their chance of winning. While this variation allows players to improve their chance of winning, the payout for blackjack is rather 1:1 instead of the standard 3:2. If the player has blackjack when the cards are dealt, meaning before he switches any cards between two hands, he keeps the bet amount.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

One of the most played type of Blackjack over the internet, Vegas Strip Blackjack is a version of blackjack which allows dealer to peek at his hole card and he has to stand on the soft 17. Players are allowed to split the hand up to 3 times and can also double down when splitting the aces. This version of the blackjack is played with 4 decks of playing cards.


Adding a fun angle to the classic blackjack game, Pontoon is played similar to the Spanish 21 where all the 10 value cards are removed. In Pontoon the hit, stand and blackjack are called Twist, Stick and Pontoon respectively.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack follows exact same rules then their respective online versions. The biggest advantage it has is that it allows players to play the game live with all the comfort of their home. It gives you the exact feeling as if you were playing right at the table in the land based casino.

Super Fun 21

The only blackjack type which comes with guaranteed fun is Super Fund 21. This variation of blackjack is played with only a single deck of playing cards. With a small modification to the payout structure, this variation adheres to the traditional blackjack rules.

Super Influential Casinos in The World Today

super influential casinos in the world today

Super Influential Casinos in The World Today

The casino industry is a business that only speaks in terms of millions. It is a branch that works and that pays big. This is why groups and wealthy businessmen have specialized in this area and are investing heavily.

Some of these groups have become so rich and powerful that their influences are immeasurable. There are several, but some are more distinguished than others. They have extended their reach around the world by establishing themselves almost everywhere, in any case, in the most famous places. They are now references and examples in the world of casinos and gambling.

Las Vegas Sands Corps

We have the famous Vegas Sands at the top of the list. Present in all major cities, it is currently the one with the largest turnover. Whether in Nevada, Las Vegas, China or Macao, the group found its place and not least.

However, he did not arrive there by chance, because he also needed grandiose investments. The Sands Corps group of establishments is one of the largest and most beautiful. Not to mention the services they offer between games, entertainment, restaurants, clubs, accommodation and various other activities.

You will certainly recognize some of its most famous installations spread to the four corners of the mode. Those are:

  • The Venetian Casino Resort Macao
  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore
  • Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem
  • Las Vegas Palace

In its 30 years of existence, the Sands Corps has managed to secure a leading position in the gaming and entertainment world. And its founder, Sheldon G. Adelson is today one of the richest men in the field.

MGM Resorts International

Making the United States its stronghold, the second most influential society is found almost everywhere in the country. Invading the largest cities of the continent, it is not surprising that he has gained the reputation he enjoys today. Indeed, the group is present in New Jersey, Maryland, and Detroit, Mississippi and most recently in Massachusetts.

Founded in 1986, MGM Resorts, then known as Grand Name Co, has grown significantly. Now he’s doing business in different parts of the world and his reputation is second to none. Among its establishments, we find some of the most illustrious:

  • Mirage Las Vegas
  • MGM Macao
  • Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
  • Bellagio Las Vegas
  • MGM National Harbory

Caesars Entertainment

Nearly 80-year-old, Caesars Entertainment is a company with several assets around the world. With a turnover of $ 10 billion a year, it deserves its third place as the most influential casino company.

The latter, well established in the United States, is not content with it since it also has large complexes in Egypt and Vietnam. Unfortunately, this failed to secure him. In fact, following a bankruptcy filing in 2015, the group is currently experiencing great financial difficulties.

Among the casinos it operates, we find:

  • Harrah’s Casino and Hotel New Orleans
  • Caesars Atlantic City Hotel
  • The Horseshoe Casino Hammond Casino
  • Bally’s Atlantic City

Crown Resorts

Now let’s leave the United States to see other countries. We will focus more specifically on Australia. Undisputed giant in his country of origin, the casino sector has no secret for him in this territory. Being the most as the largest entertainment group in Australia, the Crown Resorts is today listed on the stock market with a capitalization of over 8.7 billion Australian dollars.

Thus, wanting to conquer other markets, the majority shareholder, James Packer has partnered with Melco International. This cooperation has apparently borne fruit since it led to the creation and opening of the City Of Dreams in the famous city of Macao.

However, everything he touches does not necessarily become gold. Evidenced by the failed attempt to settle in India, because of a license refused. Let’s wait to see the continuation of the project of implantation in the United States.

SJM Holdings

In fifth place, we are dealing with a true institution of the Asian region. Indeed, SJM Holdings has been the sole ruler of entertainment in Macao for decades. The sole holder of a business license, the company headed by Stanley Ho operates 14 casinos in this well-known city.

In 56 years of reigns, the group has seated its place and has been able to open and operate some of the most famous establishments:

  • Casa Real Casino
  • Emperor Palace Casino
  • Casino Babylon
  • Diamond Casino

It was not until 2002 that the company split the market with the government’s decision to issue additional operating licenses.

Wynn Resorts

Founded in 2002, this very recent company has only 16 years of existence. And yet during that time, she managed to grow quite quickly. Working mainly in high-end complexes, games and casinos are obviously put forward.
In just over a decade, the Wynn Resorts has been able to set up 5 casinos like:

  • Wynn Macao
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Wynn Palace
  • Wynn Boston Harbor Resort which is still under development

The group is mainly located in Macao and Las Vegas, which are also known as the temples of casino games.

Galaxy Entertainment Group

The last company on our list belongs to our Chinese friends. Founded 30 years ago, it has been converted to be a spawn in the field of entertainment and casinos.

On this day, the group runs a number of institutions in Macau and everything is going well since in 2015, it generated up to 51 billion HK dollars. Among the casinos it manages, there are:

  • The President Casino & Hotel
  • Rio Casino & Hotel Macau
  • Broadway Macau
  • Waldo Casino Hotel
  • Galaxy Macau Casino
  • Star World Casino

Quickspin launched its topmost multiplier slot ever the Eastern Emeralds

Eastern Emeralds Slot

The Eastern Emeralds Slots has been introduced by Quickspin.

Quickspin the Swedish gaming provider company who develops video slot games for online gambling has announced a slot game named Eastern Emeralds allowing players to choose from a range of different free spin options. Out of those free spins one with fewer spins carries a higher risk but at the same time offers potentially higher wins. It is the slot with highest-ever multiplier launched by Quickspin.

Quickspin has released a number of booming games this year including Volcano Riches, Northern Sky, Pirates charm and Mighty Arthur. The introduction of Eastern Emeralds video slot follows the same and is designed around the theme of Asian Wilderness.

The CEO of Quickspin, Daniel Lindberg said: “The beautiful game Eastern Emeralds is the result of their inspiration from the symbols and aesthetics of Ancient Asia.

The highest-ever multiplier along with the attractive looks is included reinforces their commitment made of offering unique gaming experience to players.

Quickspin was founded in 2011 and has gained reputation as foremost real money and social casino gaming development studio. The aim of their team of 70 strong gaming industry experts is to innovate and develop the kind of games which would be loved by players. In March 2016, PlayTech acquired by QuickSpin. It is now licensed in many jurisdictions and a list of casino operators have signed agreements with them because of their award winning content.

About Playtech
Founded in year 1999 in Estonia, PlayTech has received an incredible success all over the world becoming the market leading in Gambling and Financial activities. Operating in 17 countries PlayTech has more than 5K employees worldwide. It is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.
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