Golden Ticket: The History of Lottery and why online is better than ever

Ancient Lottery

The concept of lottery, of drawing lots, is a concept that has stretched back millennia. In the seventh book of the Iliad, the Achaean generals draw lots from a helmet to decide who has the honour of fighting the Trojan general Hector, Shepherd of Men. Similarly, the Romans drew lots for all sorts of things, most infamously for decimation. In the case of desertion in the military, legionnaires would draw lots, and whosoever drew the shortest straw would be executed, resulting in the death of 1 in 10 soldiers. The first recorded instance of a lottery in the sense we know it would be a raffle type lottery organised by the princeps Augustus Caesar to raise funds for repairing the city of Rome, rewarding the donors with items of unequal value. Thus was birthed the first form of the lottery that has us all watching balls rattle in a cage on our screens, or numbers being generated online.

The Lotto

Lotteries existed in various forms thereon, with several lotteries for monetary prizes taking place in the Middle Ages, again primarily for repairs in settlements like Utrecht and Bruges. The first known Italian lottery took place in Milan in 1449, held by the Golden Ambrosian Republic to fund a war against the Republic of Venice. However, the lotto as we know it began to gain traction in Genoa, betting on the names of the Great Council Members, 5 out of 90 candidates elected randomly every six months. This political betting is similar to the sorts of political betting that takes place nowadays on presidencies, referendums etc. Eventually, the Genoese got such a taste for the lotto that they wanted to bet more than twice a year, and so the candidates were replaced with just random numbers and so the lottery, as we know and love it, emerged.

Official Lotteries

Great official lotteries then followed. The first recorded official lottery in Britain was organised by Queen Elizabeth I in 1959, again for repairing and improving the realm’s public places and strongholds, with each ticket holding a prize in the vein of popular commodities such as silver. Many who could not afford a full ticket would buy a portion of a ticket, e.g. a Third or a Sixteenth of a ticket.

Colonial America’s funding lie mainly in the successful sanctioning of official lotteries. The financing of roads, churches and all sorts of other infrastructure, including the foundation of Pennsylvania, Columbia and Princeton Universities, was financed by over 200 lotteries between 1744 and 1776.

Fast forward 250 odd years and modern lotteries are in full swing. Britain’s official National Lottery was first acquired by the Camelot Group in 1994 and now millions of people bet on it daily, online and in Post Offices and newsagents and betting shops nationwide. But with all the potential sources of lottery tickets it is easier than ever to bet on the lottery as often as you’d like. The Genoese would be green with envy. But it begs the question, do I have any reason to distrust online lottery, and how is it better than any other form of lottery around nowadays?

Widest Selection

We’ve all done it. We’ve all gone into a newsagents or off-licence to get some booze or some smokes, even just some bread, milk or the paper, and see the lottery options in that little stand at the checkout. You’re like ‘what the hell?…’ and buy a ticket purely for the novelty, hoping you might get lucky. But then oftentimes, especially with streaks of bad luck, soon the choice of 4-8 lotteries gets boring and buying a ticket doesn’t really excite you. Well, with web lottery there is a practically unlimited selection. You get bored of one, and suddenly you browse the internet for all of ten minutes and you’ll find 100+ new exciting lotteries to get your fix.

Security and Timesaving

You can buy a ticket whenever you like with online web lotteries, and you have the freedom of checking the lottery whenever you like. You don’t have to wait for an inconveniently scheduled TV reveal, or go to the newsagents and find out. With web lotteries, you can buy your ticket, have it stored online, and never have to worry about losing the ticket or forgetting to check the lottery. Moreover, it means that you will never miss a lottery because you’re too busy. Nobody wants to have that ‘what if?…’ feeling when they skip a week.


It would be unbelievably irregular to walk into a newsagents and have them offer you a promotion on lottery tickets. A small time independent’s earnings off of selling lottery tickets would never be high enough for them to offer a deal or a sale. Meanwhile online, lotteries, lottery providers and middle man sites quite frequently offer promotions. Everything from free plays to VIP memberships to rewards schemes, they pull out all the stops to try and gain, and keep, loyal clientele.

Extra functionality

Many big online lotteries implement some form of extra bonus features to hook and keep their customers. Not only can these be exciting and enhance the novelty of the lotteries to keep your gambling itch scratched, but they can often have highly probable knock on effects for your game. You can enable double jackpots, auto betting, jackpot hunting, automatic rollover and even mechanically controlled syndicate group betting all to make lottery easier, more rewarding and more fulfilling for you.


One big point about choosing web lottery is it cuts down on paper. Imagine how many discarded lottery tickets get thrown into landfill every year. Imagine how much paper has to be collected and used by companies to distribute the tickets all over the country, for half of them to then not be bought, half forgotten and half dropped. The more successful web lottery becomes, the higher the chances of physical lottery becoming obsolete and less paper being expended.Overall, there seems to be not a lot of reason to stick with regular lottery given the advantages of web lottery, both for yourself and for society. Make the switch now and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

An Introduction to Safe Gambling and Web Lottery Scams

As much as gambling, especially online, is a hugely enjoyable and widely enjoyed hobby by many, with high stakes, high rewards, excitement aplenty and an unparalleled rush, it is undeniable that it can be dangerous. Gambling has become somewhat associated with addiction in the public eye. Unrestrained and wanton gambling is a real danger to people’s finances and health. In this age of contactless payments, seamless online transactions and credit cards, it is easier than ever to get lost in ‘just one more game’ when it is so easy to make that next game.

The point here is not just to gamble safely but to gamble intelligently. Part of gambling’s skill is in being safe and not taking more risks than you know you can handle. Gambling is a healthy and intelligent hobby provided you are careful. And below is some advice on how to stay safe gambling online, and the kinds of measures and services that are out there if you are struggling.

Lottery Scams

A further issue with gambling safely online is less with regard to your safety in using your finances yourself, but also in using your finances with unsafe sites and games.

Deposit Limits

Many gambling sites allow you to set a limit on the maximum you can deposit in your online accounts for use in web gambling and web lottery. For your own safety and self-control it is recommended that you do this, as it is easy for even the most mentally stable and controlled gambler to suddenly get lost in the game and forget how much they are depositing. These deposit limits often limit how much you can have at a time every 24 hours, weekly, biweekly or monthly. It is most certainly a good idea to use them. To this same end, many sites and also machines in gambling venues and casinos will remind you how much you are spending at various milestones, typically every $100 or $250.


For your security online, many games will time out after a period of inactivity online to prevent other unwanted users using your account. However, another sort of ‘timeout’ that many sites implement is the ability for you to temporarily freeze your account for a period of a day, a week or a month to stop yourself from going overboard. These functionalities will have no impact on your earnings or expenses, or good standing with the company, they are merely for your own safety and wellbeing. If you feel yourself, or a family member, struggling with addiction, these services are perfect for giving a cooling off period, before moving on to heavier measures as follows.

Self Exclusion

By self-exclusion this could mean that you deliberately take yourself away from the tables, both physically and online, and avoid gambling while your mental state and your finances recover. However, many casinos, lottery services and gambling sites and venues allow you to put a longer term ‘time out’ from their services. You can ask to be excluded for terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years in many cases, in which you enter an agreement not to use their services and they are given license to do everything in their power to stop you from using their services. Furthermore, if the problem reaches greater levels, you might want to consider using sites such as GAMSTOP ( which enables you to activate a self-exclusion for yourself from every online gambling company licensed in Great Britain, for free.

Signs that you may have a gambling problem:

  • You may find that gambling is always on your mind and you talk about it to the exclusion of almost everything else.
  • You make bets and gamble with money you don’t have
  • You argue with friends and family about your gambling
  • You no longer care about your other hobbies or social activities.
  • You lie about your gambling
  • You use gambling to escape financial trouble
  • You borrow money, avoid paying bills, or sell possessions to fund your gambling
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety or irritation

If you find yourself beginning to feel these kinds of emotions or exhibit this behaviour, it might be high time for you to take a break from gambling and seek some recuperative activity.

Web Lottery Scams

Web lottery scams consist of fraudulent attempts to extract money from a user by posing as a legitimate web lottery service or winning player, and asking for financial details through the net Web Lottery scams are hugely prevalent on websites that are third-party, not secure and especially on those that provide unlicensed content. Web lottery scams often occur in pop-up windows or sidebar ads on these sorts of sites, but often email addresses and contact details are phished from your computer during browsing and farmed out to these companies.

Web Lottery scams are often very convincing, with bright flashing and well designed animations and ads same as any other web lottery. What makes it even harder to tell is how they appear to tell you that you have ‘won’. They could send emails, messages, even ring your phone with a very professional sounding employee. They might send letters to your home address, or messages on your Facebook, informing you that you have ‘won’ and should give them details. Here is what to look out for:

Do you recall entering the lottery they describe, on the date they describe. Especially for enthusiastic regular gamblers, this can often be difficult to ascertain. The best way to avoid being scammed is to keep an accurate and up to date record of all the lotteries you enter.

Are they pressuring you to respond in a very short time frame? Lotteries have expiry dates, this is true, but most of the time it would be a period of months or even a year after the draw. A terms and conditions page would also normally be provided.

Are they asking you to keep the prize confidential? This is merely a ploy to keep the fraud secret long enough until they can safely cut ties and handle the money before they are caught by the police or indeed a company they may be impersonating.

Do they know your name? Professional companies more often than not, especially if you registered with them, would use mail merge systems and templates to make your name appear at the top of the award email. If it is something generic such as ‘Dear Winner’ or ‘Dear Lucky Customer’ then this is a pretty clear signpost that it is a scam.

Is the referenced prize realistic? Do the prize size, currency and lottery name sound like something you would have entered and do they correlate to your home country?

Are you being asked for payment? A legitimate lottery win would never ask for a handling fee.

If you do encounter a scam such as those described above, it is best that you steer clear from these communications at least until multiple emails are sent. Oftentimes a genuine site will message a winner multiple times to remind them of their prize needing to be claimed whereas a scam site generally only messages once or twice. Steer clear of these emails, or better still, report the scam to a relevant body.

The Beginner’s Guide to Playing Lottery Games Online

Are you new to lotteries or just online play? Either way, you’ve been missing many chances to win big, and you’re in the right place to find out more. Whether you like daydreaming about how to spend your millions or would rather take part in some better value lotto draws with bigger chances to win, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look a bit deeper into lottery and specifically online lotto sites.

If you want to know how to make the most of your deposits, use bonuses, and find the best sites with the biggest chances to win, then keep reading.

What is a lottery?

While you probably already know what a lottery is, not everyone does. here are the basics:

You normally start by either selecting some numbers (or getting a random selection). Some people like to choose their own while others simply take what they’re given. After you’ve got your tickets or tickets, a selection of balls will be drawn matching all the possible numbers you could have chosen.

The number of total balls drawn will depend on the lottery game you’re playing, but a standard number could be 5, 6 or 7 balls.

If you match all your balls, then you win the jackpot! That could be millions of dollars depending on the game you were playing. That’s what everyone dreams of. How would you spend your winnings?

While those million dollar jackpots obviously aren’t that easy to win, that doesn’t mean you can’t win smaller prizes. Most lottos offer different payouts for matching fewer balls. That means you could win a nice little price even though you only matched two or three numbers or balls.

Some lottery games also have bonus ball features to help bump up your potential winnings.

The great thing about playing these lotto games online is that it’s so much more convenient. You don’t have to pop down to the shops and fill out your card with a pen. You can do it all online in an instant. Not only that, but you’ll have the ability to play a much wider range of lotto games online and you’ll also receive your winnings instantly into your account. There aren’t really any drawbacks, and that’s why more and more lotto fans are moving to online lottery sites every year.

Where can you play lottery online?

Now you know WHY you might want to play lottery games online, you probably want to know where, right? There are a few good options. In the UK, you can find the official site for The National Lottery here. Here you can play a range of national lottery games as well as the Euromillions. There are also a range of other games available.

Another popular site is PlayHugeLottos. This site offers not only Euromillions and the UK Lotto but also a range of other international draws including US Powerball. It also offers syndicate play.

Lotto247 is available all over the world and allows you to purchase tickets to 20 different international lotteries. Only having one lotto game to play because you live in a certain location is now a thing of the past. Find loads of different lotto games online and play them all with ease.

What do you need to play lotteries online?

Before you start signing up to a few different online lotto sites, you might need to get a few things in order. Firstly, you’ll need to be over 18 to play online, and you might need documentation to prove this (although most sites will let you play without). You’ll obviously need a computer or device with access to the internet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PC or laptop, as you can play most of these games on your phone with a simple app.

To deposit and withdraw, you’ll also need a credit/debit card or some other payment method. Some sites accept PayPal or online wallets like Neteller.

How to play lottery online?

Once you’ve found a site you like the look of, simply follow their simple signup procedures by entering your name, address and payment info. Then you can deposit as much as you like and start playing. You might want to start small, and make sure you’ve checked the terms and conditions and only gamble play with what you can afford to lose.

When you’ve got some money in your account, you can browse the site and look at some different lotto draws you want to enter. Take a note of when the draw is and remember to check back for your results. If you’re a winner, you should see the money go straight into your account. This might take a few hours or a bit longer for bigger wins. It will then be there ready for you to either withdraw or enter some more draws with.

Some lotto sites also offer bonuses that can top up your funds and be used to enter games with. These bonuses might have to be wagered a certain number of times before you can withdraw them, so make sure you’ve checked the terms.

What other games can you play on lottery sites?

The great thing about a number of big lotto sites is that not only do they offer a range of different lotteries to enjoy, but you also have the option to play some other games. As well as big national live draws, there will also be virtual lottery games where you can experience the fun of a big draw without having to wait. You could win on these every few minutes. There are also instant win scratch games which put the money straight back into your account, as well as some other casino games like blackjack on certain sites.

How much can you win on online lotteries?

The sky really is the limit with the big draws. Some people have won hundreds of millions! The prizes are lower for instant win games but if you can wait for a big rollover draw, you could be sitting on a yacht within the next few weeks.

Hopefully, you now know enough about the basics of online lotto so you can start playing and winning. Why wait? You could be next for a big win…