Camelot Gets The Extension Of Uk’s National Lottery License For Six Months

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Camelot Group set to get an extension for six months on its National Lottery license. The national lottery operator’s next license process is delayed by three months. This delay came in the wake of COVID-19 crisis across the globe that let many gambling and lottery operators to put their work on hold.

Another tender that was to be passed instead of the National Lottery scheme with Camelot Group is put on hold for the next three months by UKGC due to pandemic. This tender is temporarily suspended to run the contest until further notice by the UK Gambling Commission.

Even the spokesperson from Camelot Group spoke to the news agencies and reportedly stated the extension of their “National Lottery” license extension for another six months. The spokesperson added, “Camelot Group works on building a strong performance in this sector. The Group has achieved great fame in the last three years while operating in the UK market. Even we have been contributing the good causes and providing funds during the testing times of COVID-19 too.”

License Extension and Tender Disclosure: Insightful Information

Camelot Group reported that the UK Gambling Commission has not disclosed when the process for the tender would start. Moreover, the commission stated that the “Selection Questionnaire” that will mark the first phase of the competition would not be out before August.

So, the launch of the tender will take place in late September or the early weeks of October as it was previously set to take place in the first half of this year. The Gambling Commission spokesperson stated, “The market feedback the commission received over the challenges posed by Coronavirus, the commission has decided to delay the whole process by the next three months.”

He further added, “Even the Selection Questionnaire required to issue a license for the National Lottery will also not be issued until August this year. The UK Gambling Commission will review all the circumstances then.”

Another official statement that came in this lieu was that “During this pandemic time, the commission has extended the timetable for the potential candidates. So, the candidates to the license can prepare well to get into the robust, fair, and open competition.”

Camelot Group is known for operating the National Lottery in the UK since the year 1994 when it came into force. The Gambling Commission awarded a new contract to the Camelot for the years 2001 and 2007. Camelot Group’s most recent license was due to expire at the start of the year 2023, but now due to COVID-19, it’s been delayed for more than 3 months.

This six months extension has been given to find the right competitors in the market by the UKGC. Although the bidding process was announced way back in February 2020, there were no perfect suitors found at that moment for the license. Even the Gambling Commission has to put everything on hold because of the pandemic outbreak. Now, the timeline of the issuing of the permit will depend upon the advice of the Public Health England.

Present Status Of The License And Tender

Presently, the Camelot Group has got its extension on operating the National Lottery in the country. To provide the license for its fourth National Lottery, the Gambling Commission appointed two executives who would lead the process. Here, John Tanner was appointed the Executive Director and also the Senior Responsible Officer, whereas Andrew Wilson was appointed as a Commercial Director.

The Gambling Commission is working on it since November 2018, as the Camelot Group license is about to expire in 2023. This process was expected to start in March 2020. However, due to the lockdown and eruption of the global pandemic, the commission criticized from potential bidders.

A few bidders were of the view that this delay to the tender reduced the severe challenge posed to the Camelot’s Group tenure. Previously, the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport and the UKGC stated that the tender work would be initiated in the first half of this year. Moreover, this delay could make the potential bidders lose their interest in the bidding process too. So, the Gambling Commission needs to work on the tender process soon.

According to a report, “The UK National Lottery was able to generate a record total of £7.91 billion in the total ticket sales earlier this month. The sales of tickets are from the fiscal year 2019-2020. Even the digital offering has also added to the growth scenario of the National Lottery of the UK.”

This sales parameter shows that the sales were up by 9.7%, and the Camelot Group that operates the National Lottery scenario in the UK has witnessed a growth in its digital offering of the lottery. Even its online offering is stated to surpass almost £2.0 billion.

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