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In Japan, the Buddhist community’s concern against the crime and gambling addiction has long prevented the casinos. Due to the profit interest of the government the casino operators are in better place, with the new gambling law implemented the parliament has cleared the way for Japan’s first casino.

That does not mean that there was no gambling in Japan till now, everywhere in the inner cities of Japan the silver bullet rolls in Pachinko machines making thunderous noise. Even though players can lose a lot of money, Pachinko is a game of entertainment and not a game of chance while specking in legal terms. Also there are six type of betting games which are played in Japan, for example horse racing, managed by the state. Casinos on the other hand are highly controversial as the casino house acts directly with the customer, which is very hard for the state to control. Even in the seemingly harmless game of Pachinko, organized crime plays along and with the turnover of over 150 billion euros per year – it is worthwhile for Japanese Mafia as well as the Police.

It’s known to everyone that in reality the operator or Pachinko machines and the Police are under the same roof. The police or we can say the civil servants get a job from these operators once they retire.

Prime Minister Abe: “New casino law will hike to Growth”

It’s an open secret that North Korean syndicates are often the one behind the operators of 11,000 gambling halls in Japan. They serve the illegal procurement of foreign currency. While Pachinko being considered a pleasure for the lower class, casino would be addressing other groups of customers, said the supporters of the current governing party. And above all, to flush money into the hopelessly over-indebted treasury, Prime Minister Abe emphasized two weeks ago:

“The casino law will boost economic growth across the country, and for Japan to become a leading tourism country, I want to do it with all my strength.”

But the head of government could not calculate the economic effect. Professor Mihara warns:
“The contribution that casinos would make to tourism is certainly less than five percent, so in terms of numbers it will not do much, and the government likes to emphasize that foreigners, in particular, should spent their money into the casinos. I do think the assumption that 80 percent of the casino clientele will be Japanese is absolutely realistic.”

Measures to prevent gambling addiction
Due to that, after a lot of struggle, it’s been agreed take measures to limit the domestic gambling addiction, Japanese people will only be allowed to enter the casino 3 times in a week or a total of 10 time per month. Also there will an entrance fee of 6,000 yen which just under 50 euros.

Incidentally, the Japanese are by a large majority against the law. 70 percent do not want casinos. The main reason: Gambling addiction and money laundering and other crimes would be encouraged. Even “Yumiuri Shimbun,” the largest daily newspaper in Japan and usually a zealous supporter of the government, has in this case expressed sharp criticism: “A growth strategy,” wrote the paper, “which exploits the bad luck of others, is extremely unhealthy.”

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