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What is EuroMillion lottery?

Launched in year in 2004 by Française des Jeux from France, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado from Spain and Camelot from the United Kingdom, EuroMillion, is an transnational lottery. Initially played only in UK, France and Spain, EuroMillion was Europe’s first multi-national lottery. It became very popular within the continent and there are now nine European Countries (Portugal, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) participating in EuroMillions. Standard EuroMillion lotto ticket would cost £2.50, €2.50 or CHF3.50 depending on the country from where it is played. Tickets could be purchased online or from any authorised lottery retailer out of the participating European countries. EuroMillion lottery is drawn on every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 pm central European time in Paris. Players require to match 7 correct number in order to win the Jackpot.

How to play EuroMillion lotto?

There are 7 number in total to be selected by the player. Out of which 5 are main number which needs to be selected from the pool of 1 to 50. The remaining 2 are the lucky star numbers which player has to select from the pool of 12 numbers.

What can I win?

EuroMillion has 13 tiers for the prize that can be won including the Jackpot. Players win prize according to the number of matching balls drawn, from only two of the main numbers matched up to all the five main numbers. Players who manages to match all the 7 number including 5 main numbers and 2 lucky stars will win the jackpot.

Who can play Euro Million?

As mentioned on the EuroMillions rules page, player can be of any nationality, non-resident or even tourists can participate long as they are at least 18 year old. For players from UK the minimum age require is 16 years. Players can buy tickets in licensed stores from the countries participating in EuroMillion or for non-participating nations you can buy tickets online from anywhere in the world. Player buying tickets from the licensed retail store can play maximum of 5 line on one play slip or if you are buying online you can select any number of lines you want to play.

UK Millionaire Maker

The players buying EuroMillion ticket from UK get automatically entered in to the free additional game UK Millionaire Maker. The players would get one unique code for each line EuroMillions numbers they have purchased, which is made up of four letters and five numbers. Once the EuroMillion lottery numbers are drawn, two raffle codes are drawn randomly. The player whose unique code matches the raffle code wins £1 million each. With UK Millionaire maker there are two guaranteed millionaire raffle winner per draw or we can say 4 guaranteed winners per week from two draws.

European Millionaire Maker

Unlike UK Millionaire Maker the European one gets held only on special occasions and the players from all nine EuroMillion participating countries are given one unique code per EuroMillions numbers they have purchased. These unique codes are generated randomly and consist four letters and fine numbers. Out of the four the first letter would resemble the country from which the ticket is purchased. If the player is lucky enough to match the raffle code drawn, will win the prize of £1 million.

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