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France, being socially rich when it comes to the lottery game, is the country where lotteries were first introduced in 1936 as a fundraiser for the country. France lotto with distinctive set of rules is one of the oldest national lotteries around and is still going solid with the support of millions of French players. France lottery is drawn on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 pm local time in Paris, France. Since it’s drawn 3 times a week, the jackpot grows by €3m every week if not won. The minimum jackpot is €2 million. There are some very interesting facts about France lotto:

  • €1 million would be added to the jackpot if in the draw held there is no jackpot winner
  • After rolling over for 34 time the jackpot sum will split between the next highest tier winners
  • Winnings of the France Loto are TAX-FREE!

With those features mentioned above, the France lotto is competent of paying a sizable amount. €24 million is the highest ever single-ticket jackpot won, in year 2011, after being rolled over consecutively for whooping 11 times

How to Play France Lotto:

As mentioned above each French lottery play line would cost $2. You can either register through our website to play without any hassle or go to the authorized lottery store nearby. Similar then Mega Millions and Powerball lottery, France Lotto also works by randomly drawing balls from two different drums. The players require to select 6 number in total. Out of which 5 are standard number to be selected from the pool 49 balls. The remaining 1 is the lucky numbers which player has to select from the pool of 10 balls. Or players can just select the option of Easy Pick or Quick Pick. (Which will randomly choose numbers for the play.) Players can play many draws in advance and can select up to 5 lines of numbers on one play slip. You can also choose to play for draws occurring on Monday only, Wednesday only or Saturday only or for all. On our website players can select the direct debit option to play continuously for many draws in advance.

Possibility to win extra money with the Loto Raffle

French loto again makes it very exciting for players with many extra’s it offers to win by so-called “loto Raffle”. Every time the player buys a ticket, it comes with a unique code (made up of one letter and eight numbers) per play line. This “loto raffle” allows the possibility to win 10 prizes worth €20K.

Winnings and Odds of winning at French Lottery:

In order to win the Jackpot in this lottery, the player has to match all 6 of their selected numbers to the balls randomly drawn. Being drawn 3 times a week this lottery offers great prized to be won every week out of the 9 prize tiers it has. With excellent odds of winning the players have a great chance of 1 in 18 to win prize. Although the odds for winning the jackpot is much higher at 1 in 19m.

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