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Super Enalotto

SuperEnalotto, Italian lottery

SuperEnalotto, played in Italy since year 1997, is a lottery game with one of the largest Jackpot in the world with the lowest odds of winning. Developed by SISAL, SuperEnaLotto, with modification in the well-known Italian lottery “Enalotto”. Enlotto is a very popular Italian lottery since 1950’s. The lottery is drawn on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week at 20:00 Italian time in Rom. SuperEnalotto Jackpot keep on increasing, with no cap on how many times it can roll over, until someone manages to win it. Each draw ticket cost €1 per play line and the winnings are Tax free.

How to play SuperEnaLotto?

As mentioned above each play or we can say the lottery ticket would normally cost $1. Just register through our website and you are ready to play without any hassle of going to the lottery store or waiting in a queue.

The players will have option to choose 6 unique numbers of their choice. These 6 number are to be chosen from the pool 90 balls. Or players can just select the option of Easy Pick or Quick Pick. (This will automatically choose 6 random numbers for the play.)

Players must match at least 2 number to win prize. If the player has managed to match all the six winning number drawn, he/she would win the Jackpot.

Along with the 6 main numbers drawn, there is an additional number drawn called “Jolly” number. This number offers a chance to players, who have matched 5 main numbers, to win additional bonus amount. This benefit is only available to second prize winners and no other prize tiers.

You can also choose to play for draws occurring on Tuesday only, Thursday only, Saturday only or for all draws. On our website players can select the direct debit option to play continuously for many weeks.

SuperStar Option

SuperStar, only possible to be played along with SuperEnaLotto, is a complementary game played at additional cost of €0.50 on top of the main draw cost. This means that if the SuperStar option is ticked the lottery ticket would cost €1.50. In order to play SuperStar, player is required to choose one number from the range of 1 to 90. After each draw of SuperEnaLotto, a SuperStar number is drawn separately from different machine, meaning it can be similar to one of the number drawn for SuperEnaLotto. Players who manages to match the SuperStar number and all 6 SuperEnaLotto number will get a bonus of €2m (additional to the jackpot) long as there is no other jackpot winner, or the bonus will split equally. Player who match only the SuperStar number will also win a prize.

Additional prize awarded with the SuperStar number:

Matched numbersAwarded Prize
6 + SuperStarSuperBonus of € 2,000,000
5 + Jolly + SuperStarSuperBonus € 1,000,000
5 + SuperStarShare of 5 x 25 times
4 + SuperStarShare of 4 x 100 times
3 + SuperStarShare of 3 x 100 times
2 + SuperStar€ 100
1 + SuperStar€ 10
0 + SuperStar€ 5

Options to claim your winnings

Players will have choice to be paid in either cash or annuity option. Although winners must claim their winnings including the jackpot within 90 days of the draw.

How Prizes are divided, Categories and odds of winning

Prize DivisionMatchWinning Odds
17.4% of the prize money.61 in 622,614,630
13% of the prize money.5+Jolly Number1 in 103,769,105
4.2% of the prize money.51 in 1,250,230
4.2% of the prize money.41 in 11,907
12.8% of the prize money.31 in 327
40% of the prize money.21 in 21.51

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