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Major Highlights

  • The House of Lords and UK Parliamentarians have called for a ban on gambling advertising.
  • To limit all the online slots at £2
  • The proposed ban is wanted to be extended to VIP Schemes, banning in-play betting, and inducements to bet.

The Member of Parliament and members of the House of Lords are looking forward to banning all the gambling-related advertisements and is calling for tough new Gambling Act. In the UK, the cross-party alliance is looking forward to overhauling ban gambling advertising of the VIP schemes and other types of inducements. The parliamentarians also demand changes in the Gambling Act 2005.

The group of 50 MPs in the UK Parliament shared their concerns. They have asked to possess reports that display the abuse in the gambling industry. Only the new laws and strict regulations can curb this menace. The UK Government is going to review the regulations related to this £11 billion gambling industry after the UK MPs produced the reports and evidence.

Insider’s View on Banning Gambling Advertising

The UK Parliamentarians and MPs have asked to ban the ongoing advertising related to gambling and to review the online deposits and prize limits too.

The cross-party alliance has already campaigned successfully in the past to curb the fixed-odds betting terminals or FOBT. The restrictions were imposed by the government to impose the stake that the gamblers can put up on the betting machines. These restrictions and slashed betting rates increased the police call-out rates in the gambling stores after the players started losing money.

Even a ban was put up on the credit card debts when the parliamentarians raised their voice against the gambling sector. Now, the MPs are targeting the increased gambling advertising and want tighter control over this sector from this year. They want reviews on regulations in the Gambling Act.

The reason the UK MPs and Parliamentarians have put up reasons to amend this Gambling Act as players are into excessive spending, the instances of money laundering, exploitation of vulnerable people, etc. were seen. Parliamentarians believe that the reviews and changes in the regulations will protect the right of the customers.

Moreover, the ban on gambling advertising is related to banning ads showcased on television, social media, live sports, etc. The MPs have asked to reverse the decisions taken during the Gambling Act 2005. A few more curbs asked on the Gambling Act during Tony Blair’s Labour government. These included control of the game design of gambling machines, carry out independent affordability checks, and recruiting a new ombudsman to resolve gambling-related disputes.

Official Statements Regarding The Curb On Gambling Advertising

In one of the official statements by Labour MP Carolyn Harris said that the gambling firms have time and exposed that they will not self-regulate efficiently. So, an urgent need and changes in Gambling regulations are required to stop the gambling industry from riding the roughshod over the player’s lives.

Harris leads the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the gambling-based harm alongside the Scottish National Party’s Ronnie Cowan and the Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith.

Even in another statement, MP Harris said that the UK’s Gambling Commission is not fit for the purpose. This statement comes relative to gambling advertising done widely and with no curb being done.

The report cited by the MPs wants a complete ban on gambling advertising the proposal that is facing opposition from the gambling firms and commercial broadcasters. Betting advertising has grown from the time it was allowed through the Gambling Act 2005. But, the businesses have restricted advertising in a daytime sports screens from 2019.

Moreover, the UK Parliamentarians have called for self-regulating so people do not gambling more than what they can have the funds for. They are voicing their concerns against the gambling firms who are not doing anything to control such acts.

Even a report stated, “The Gambling Firms have exceptional algorithms where if you spend a significant money, they will make you a VIP or send a Bonus email, both of which are used for the commercial advantage of the gambling brands.”

MPs are of the view that they required an age bar on the VIP schemes altogether, but this seemed inadequate. So, they are now calling on the regulatory commission to abolish these VIP schemes and in-play betting.

On the other hand, the Gambling Commission presented their statement instead of the MP’s report, where they were stated: “not fit for the purpose.” Moreover, the commission stated that they are committed to work continuously and reduce gambling harm. It is untrue to say that “we are not fit for this purpose.”

A few Parliamentarians are of the view that the Gambling-related harm must be related to a serious public health issue. The regulations must be made to protect the people of the country from gambling-based harm.

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